Ashes Of Creation: Raid Boss Dragon Fight Alpha One April Update 2021

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Simply glorious, in my humble opinion. I cannot wait to try it. Stay safe. Northside
Glorious Ashes Community,

We are hard at work preparing the game for Alpha One in May and June. If you missed the live stream today, we shared some footage of the Alpha One Siege area along with some of the Raid Bosses in that zone. As always, please keep in mind, this is early footage of some of the boss mechanics in Ashes of Creation, we will continue to refine and add compelling raid mechanics for our glorious players to enjoy! If you aren’t already part of our community, make sure to join our forums, Reddit, discord etc and give us your valuable feedback!

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23 thoughts on “Ashes Of Creation: Raid Boss Dragon Fight Alpha One April Update 2021”

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    Well just wow, how far they progressed. Glorious. Special Shoutout for my channel members Enna, aryanchinha87, Ivy FS , Ivo van de Winckel, R3load, oldmateconesKnight, Pure Diamond, Dino Pült, Codeplug gg, Mouse Payne, Sara Medusa, Marta Zagrajek, daspard, Dapper Demon, Smirre Fox, chick chic, Tim Hudson, Uncle Hate, Angel Rose, Red Devil, ROMVS, KretNoize, Ainz, David S, Billy K, David Qualls. Stay safe, stay healthy, see you soon, Northside.

  2. Well, finally something to look forward to. They've come a long way with this game. I understand they're charging $500 u.s to start at 1st alpha. Guess I'm gonna have to get a new pc. Hope to see ya streaming soon. Have a great day bro.

  3. Hey man, glad to see love on this game. It’s about to be a game changer I believe. I have high hopes in this game <3 been following the development of this game for year and a half

  4. According to his linkedin profile Chris whiteside has left neverwinter. he started working for Tencent may 2021 and stopped working for neverwinter april 2021

  5. I hate it that no one dies…is that even a boss. LAME AF. Put One hit skills to it, stun, seal, sleep, decrepify, bleed, rend, zero def, massacre and aoe one hit kill. Again this is the lamest boss ever

  6. Its not an actually released game yet is it? Its still under testing? Any official launch date? I wont invest in this until it gets launch date. Ive been told they been milking its gamer investors… so im waiting


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