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I got a question from a viewer today about Race and Class Combinations. They wanted to know if there was some sort of mandatory Race & Class Combination for optimization, if not min-maxing. I was actually shocked to hear that people wanted the value of choice marginalized and they wanted any race to be able to be any class. I dive into that during the segment.

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10 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation – Races & Classes Combinations”

  1. This is definitely what I'm wanting to get into…I know we don't have much to really go off of but yet and still here we are…so let's gooooo

  2. Honestly I feel like sub races should only differ in cosmetics and flavor benefits in crafting or other open world stuff but never in power level… If vaelune have better def stats (hp etc.) than I'll pick them over kaelar even if I enjoy their aestetics more… and by that you kill choice.

  3. Rather see 4/5 classes across arcane and martial for each race based off of culture. Think a divide in classes would just stale, you'd know who is only melee other than ranged.

  4. Great to listen to this kind of focused topic discussion. It's a really good way to get up to speed with the current known state of the game and the issues that people are grappling with. Good format.


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