Ashes of Creation PvP Changes and Concerns

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During the latest dev stream for Ashes of Creation. They mentioned how open water will now have “no consequence” PvP. A departure from the penalty enforced system from killing innocents from before. This made me curious at how people view PvP in MMORPG’s, the issues with it. And if there is really room for it at all?

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4 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation PvP Changes and Concerns”

  1. How do you feel about the change to the naval pvp? How do you feel about PvP in general? Genuinely interested in your thoughts, not trying to farm engagement at all I swear…

  2. I think it's fine. I have no care for ocean content so it's not going to bother me.
    At first, when the game launched there will be the dweeb pushing the system to see how much they can get away with, but after about a month I think things will settle down and the game will find its rythym.
    I think most people's fears come from wow and that it's going to be a complete gank box everywhere. It really just takes some common sense if you're afraid of being killed. There will be plenty of mercenaries available available hire to protect those getting their feet wet with their first pvp game.
    As Steven said, this game won't be for everyone, thise that don't want to play can continue in their hamster wheel until they get all their prizes.
    Great vid. Keep em coming!

  3. I love PVP. I think it’s the most fun part of an MMO. I am so excited for this game thanks to the countless versions of open world pvp that will exist. Caravans, naval combat, and the various open world engagements that will exist when farming, dungeon crawling, and killing world bosses sounds thrilling.


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