Ashes of Creation: Processing Overview and Comparison

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17 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: Processing Overview and Comparison”

  1. Nice to see your still getting videos out.

    I imagine AoC will treat resources both harvested and processed as opportunities to grow the Node.
    Some nodes may have logging camps that boost tree cutting while others may opt for Saw Mills to boost processing.
    If a node specializes in any one resource they might convert monster kills or taxes into raw resources.

    DFO had a system where players using a guild city or freehold would generate money processing at that city. The cities could also specialize in wood cutting, stone harvesting, mining, or farming with some having more then one. Processing basic materials was possible anywhere in the world, but high quality mats requires a work bench. You could even leave materials at a building for other players to process and collect payment.

  2. is it just me that finds it weird that we dont have an industrial node in ashes?
    you could say scientific nodes are for life skill and such, but scientific nodes should be more about "unlocking higher level tech and recipes" while industrial nodes could be nodes that house buildings that allow for "faster ,efficient and more complex processing for higher grade materials in bulk".
    this would create more reason for players to visit multiple max level nodes in order to get advantage over others and even try to defend them from invaders, meaning that the game world would be much more interconnected and alive

  3. Brooo…. Today's intro is by far my most favourite intros of all ur videos. And processing looks kinda fun. Nice video dood. I guess it will expand the game a lot. Since many players are not too much into pvp or pve they can run shops for processing which will be kinda fun. Like people with cooking mastery can run a small restaurant and they can buy materials from the market, other players can provide materials and get some processed materials for a set fee. It can also work like this , those who provide material for processing will have to pay less than the people who directly want to buy processed goods. It will be kind of fun and create more opportunities for players to interact. Just waiting for AoC to pull these things off.

  4. Considering that i will be a beach dwarf, I wonder if they would add a sea creature that can be milked. Then you would become the sea-cow troope leader and sell that precious and fatty milk for a premium price

  5. ive always thought a sandbox mmo needs fungibility with items and lets you break down garbage drops into base mats them have durability and repair to maintain a healthy late game economy. Let me dismantle my rusty swords into cannon balls or ballista shot for example and have many resource sinks.

  6. Noice vid, first that intro is my second favorite after the introduction of old man chaud. Second, your graph as 69 so nice. Third, processing is a very nice thing, lots of jobs for people to specialize in.

  7. lol the muscle shirt finally makes sense. The intro song had me dying. I really enjoy social systems in mmos, so im super glad AoC is investing lots of time into developing them.


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