Ashes of Creation Pre Order Packs explained!

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Join me as I break down the Ashes of Creation Pre-order packs from a value standpoint to help everyone make the best decision when purchasing a pack! If you have not created an account and pre-ordered already check my referral link below!

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10 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Pre Order Packs explained!”

  1. Purchased the Alpha 2 pack about two years ago after Lazy Peon's video…i was so sold after that video. Then, once available, I upgraded to Alpha 1 and enjoyed our testing last year. Since purchasing the original pack and upgrading, I have dropped a little bit on a few more skins. I'm really looking forward to further testing in Alpha 2!

  2. I bought in for the $250 amount. For now anyhow, you can still upgrade for an additional $175 but I'm not totally sure how long that perk is valid. Being that Alpha II is persistent and may last for 6-12 months made it worthwhile to get into testing while its still in the Alpha phase. I don't see that $20 dollar difference as a loss of value…simply as a cost for Alpha II and the Beta's and for me it was well worth the small fee to be able to get in and test/play as well as support the game. It should also be a good time to do some fleet recruiting. Planning on starting a fleet from scratch so getting in early should be really helpful for that. I'm also planning on doing some streaming during Alpha II as there will be no NDA's. I figure I may as well take advantage of being in the game early in as many ways as possible.

  3. so excited for alpha 2! looking forward to exploring verra and helping development along. when i think about these pre-order packs, mostly i'm just happy that none of these are "pay to win"-type perks. the skins look so good, but you have to get the base asset in game before you can apply it. otherwise it would be a feelsbad.

  4. Working from the lowest Pledge upwards, and valuing cosmetics at zero, my analysis follows;

    $75 Pledge = $30 Sub + $45 Beta 2

    $150 Pledge = $60 Sub + $45 Beta 1 + $45 Beta 2

    $250 Pledge = $90 Sub + $90 Betas + $70 Alpha 2

    The only reason for me to Pledge $75 early is to get the Referral Code, and recruit other players.

    If the other project I am more committed to is not Alpha by then, $250 for Alpha 2 Ashes.

    Otherwise, depending on how Alpha 2 goes, Pledge for one or both Betas.

    Until then, my money stays in my pocket. I am committed to another project, and Intrepid claims not to need my donation, so it makes sense for me to wait.

    Especially as there's a good chance that I will really suck at PvP, as well as the possibility that the Launch population will make for an awful experience.

  5. Thanks for the break down! I have a question about the skins and pet/mounts. Are these going to be vouchers for any of the available things in the store I want? Or are they specific pre order only skins/mounts/pets?


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