Ashes of Creation Partial NDA LIFT! Lets Talk about it!

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Ashes of Creation VERBAL NDA has been Lifted!! So Let’s not waste any time and Jump right into my experiences and thoughts of The Game in its ALPHA state!!

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22 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Partial NDA LIFT! Lets Talk about it!”

  1. Video seems very deceptive…… setting people up for really high expectations when In reality, the combat was quite stiff. So many bugs which was expected. But you don't have any negative things to say or try to temper expectations. This was very rough and you don't portray that AT ALL. which is gonna hurt others first impression. Yes it was alpha, but yes its 1-3 years away still. But call it what it is, don't lie to people.

  2. Ahhhh! You're making me wish I had spent the 500 to get in on the Alpha test lol. So glad to hear some feedback on the current state of the game. Thank you for the alpha review!

  3. Really really reallyyyyy hope they don't go overboard with all the microtransactions. Too many mounts, skins etc, just kills the immersion for me. We'll see I guess

  4. Very nice quality for a seemingly new channel .. keep up the good work 🙂

    But regarding the game from the what I've seen the NPC/character animations and combat needs tons of work .. some skill animation doesn't feel impactful or cloud the vision heavily.

  5. NA seems had fun, i was having hell lags.. on EU all time, the combat part was nearly unplayable the art and overall systems i saw where good for alpha, communication was really good


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