Ashes of Creation: Open World PVP Done RIGHT

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PVP is an important part of Ashes of Creation however without rules set in stone PVP tends to be the downfall of any MMORPG that tries to push it.
Well, Intrepid Studios are looking to fix all past issues with open world PVP by turning the rules on their head and in today’s video we’ll be discussing Ocean Content and their newly Announced PVP rules.

🏴‍☠️Who else is gonna try to be the Pirate King, Well tough ’cause that title is mine and I will sink any Crew who tries to claim it from me! I’m gonna be king of the Pirates!

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26 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: Open World PVP Done RIGHT”

  1. They should add like a pirate island that's also lawless and just pure chaos. Just somewhere for regular players to go to player watch. Kinda like Walmart in America.

  2. At the moment i dont really care about the ocean content but if they let me as a necromancer summon an ocean monster or even better mid-late game a large ocean monster then i might feel more inclined to join some pirates and terrorize the seas.

  3. I can't wait to row my boat for 45 minutes across the ocean. Worst case: Even if I die to storms, fish mobs, or cannon fire, my ashes will spread across the sea. Win-win!

  4. Before the August Developer Stream, I was a Care Bear. I had never done PvP, I dreaded PvP, I planned to avoid PvP, but it was a price I was willing to pay to play.

    Open Sea PvP completely flipped me around. I will embrace PvP. The Pirate's life, while brutal, is far more interesting than being a bandit, thug, enforcer, or resisting becoming a victim.

    I think Open Sea PvP will act as a relief valve for the mainland.

    In order to prepare myself, I'm going to try out the Fresh Start Archeage next week.

    Thank you for your work, as always.

  5. Judging by what I’ve seen archeage, blackdesert & sea of thieves all lack in ocean/ship PvP content. For fuck sake it’s literally jump aboard the ship & melee combat with pebble cannon fire! Out of the 3 sea of thieves does best with actual damage to the ship and having to manual repair it. Granted I’ve never played archeage or blackdesert 😮. As much as I hate saying this ATLAS does best when it comes to PvP and ocean battles. Especially on the DSRP server. With 1,000 hrs + ATLAS excels at ship PvP content & the building of ships. As I inhale “copium” I imagine us being able to build semi custom ships and decorate. Though 🤔 I’ve never played Archeage or Blackdesert but on Sea of thieves it’s just those dumb fucking skins. Atlas let’s you build custom ships though. 🎉 Sure hope AOC doesn’t disappoint on the ocean PvP or ship building. Even if AOC blows loads of copium all over the ocean I’m sure the land content will be good. Right?

  6. I think risk reward is very very important to an MMO to keep the economy in good shape. Look at what happened to new world they had no risk to do anything. so what you have to repair your armor? It is pretty cheap to repair your armor if you die and no zones that risk your loot. There is also a sense of excitement when traveling an area you can be attacked and in these areas there should be higher tier loot etc to encourage the high reward for the high risk. I remember my days on RuneScape and how the wilderness worked. I stayed away from it for a long time till I became a high level and realized I could make some money out there. This lead to me venturing out and making some money as well as being killed by other players etc. but while aggravating at times I believe it enhanced my overall game experience as I did not need to travel there unless I wanted to and I rarely chose to travel there in general but I knew the risks before I started my journey into the wild.

    the main point of my rambling is I feel risk and reward is very important in an MMO.

  7. I'd love to see something like a silk road on the high seas, where you could hire a NPC faction to escourt you through at a high price. They could attack anyone, or anything, that gets too close while on route. PVPers would get to fight the escorts and PVMers would have a choice to stay and fight, or leave their escourt behind and risk another encounter later.


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