Ashes of Creation | Nodes vs Exploration

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Ashes of Creation | Nodes vs Exploration

Intrepid Studios is building a massive, beautiful world with Ashes of Creation. It is also not a game that has a standard linear leveling path where you go from the level 1-10 zone to a level 10-20 zone and so on. Instead mobs will vary throughout each node, some low level and some high level. With that in mind I wanted to explore the dynamics of what might draw players to explore versus stay in their home node.

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1 thought on “Ashes of Creation | Nodes vs Exploration”

  1. It always seemed to me that levelling a Node could trigger content in a different Node. For example, a Metropolis within two nodes of a Volcano might trigger a Balrog to emerge from the Volcano Node.

    It could be subtler than that. A Node reaching City might add a trigger to a nearby Node, so for example if that nearby Node was over mined, it might trigger vengeful Earth spirits. Two Nodes connected by roads both reaching Town might spawn a Bandit Camp in a Node between them.

    It never made sense to me that a Metropolis would necessarily trigger a high level spawn right next to it. It could even be the case that the higher level a Node is, the further away it spawns content.

    As for me, I will probably be a casual explorer/gatherer, and if that means I am locked out from satisfyimg content, then I will play a different game. I don't think I can be hard core Ashes.


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