Ashes of Creation: Nodes Complete Overview

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First things first, all the content spoken about in this video is information found on the AoC wiki and during livestreams over the last few years!
Everything is Subject to change 🙂
I try my best to tell you guys when I’m speculating and when it’s actual facts and I’m very sorry if anything confused you! I love speculating and throwing in ideas of my own to help improve the game! Please feel free to ask in the comments if anything I said confused you!

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Scientific Nodes Overview:
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Divine Nodes Overview:
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Mayors Overview:
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Achievments Overview and Comparison:
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00:00 Intro
00:59 What Are Nodes?
02:01 Node Advancement
06:13 Zone of Influence
08:25 Mayors and Node Types
08:50 Economic Nodes
09:17 Scientific Nodes
09:31 Divine Nodes
10:12 Military Nodes
10:31 Node Aethetics
11:59 Trophy Park
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13:49 Clown Fiesta

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33 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: Nodes Complete Overview”

  1. it hasnt' been mentioned, or not mentioned, but I don't think nodes types will be equally distributed. My guess? 3 economic, 4-5 scientific, 2 religious and 9-10 military for each group of 20. The reason I think military will be high, is they automatically allow bounty hunting, and the others do not. And how many skill training centers do you need? 3 economic centers prevents easy monopolies and causes strife, leading to PvP conflict.
    Happy to hear other theories!

  2. They actually don't have to design 103 different nodes with 9 different race influences, you can watch some of there development videos showing how they make different assets and randomization to have no two nodes be the same. So it's more than modular, it's algorithmically determined.

  3. The one thing I do wonder is if the only cities in the game will be these nodes. My one hope is that each of the races has their own zone with an actual 'city' in it. Something to give the race a bit of it's own flair and not just make every single thing player-centric. Cause I know node design is all based around the race contributing the most. Like I wanted to see an Empryean elf city, but the Orcs are the ones who always contributing the most, that kind of thing.

  4. yo wut up boizzzzzz <3 Hope you enjoyed the video as always 😀 Hopefully I can keep them up every 2 or 3 days! 😀 Been failing miserably lately ;_;

  5. Guild's owning a castle hold influence over the nodes in their sphere of influence. I wonder if someone who is a member of a guild that is at war with the guild owning the castle could become mayor of the city under the influence of the guild they're at war with? Another great video, btw.

  6. Audio sounds much better! 😉 lol, deficit…. you know what word i have a hard time saying? prerequisites… i often accidentally pronounce it pre-ree-quisites instead of pre-reh-quisites. 😛


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