Ashes of Creation NEW Artisan UPDATE and FULL Auction House Overview

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In this video, I’m going to cover the Artisan update we got from the recent AMA with Steven Shariff as well as give you a full …


7 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation NEW Artisan UPDATE and FULL Auction House Overview”

  1. let me know in the comment section what do your guys think about the latest Artisan update? and how the Auction houses will work?
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  2. Hot Take: Steven Shariff is the gay daddy I wish I had 😍
    Also I am against any form of crafting or personal re4source management in a PvP game.
    I want to spend my time enjoying the game, not farming crafting material

    The people in my game who are just farming are either
    A. a bot that will ignore me
    B. a bot that will get annoyed if I talk to them

    Love your content Azrial!
    Feel free to bully me! 😘

  3. Awesome video. I can't wait to jump into the crafting and gathering in Ashes of Creation it's something I always look forward to in an MMO and I'm sure I'll use the auction house once the guild all has gear sorted!

  4. This was a good informative video haven't had chance to watch the ama yet but seems like it might be worth watching. Real life comes first take the time to sort stuff ashes will still be here


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