Ashes of Creation MMORPG Most Important Game Mechanic | Nodes Explained

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Ashes of Creation MMORPG’s Most Important Game Mechanic – Nodes Become a Channel Member …


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  1. Pretty incredible system if it works.. pray to the Gods of Verra! TIME STAMPS BELOW
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    Time Stamps
    @0:39 What are Nodes?
    @3:00 Node Types
    @6:02 Node Advancement
    @8:40 Node Atrophy
    @10:24 Node Sieges

  2. Interesting system, though I worry with today's gamer mentality everyone will just flock under a single note, avoiding conflicts. Hopefully there's some kind of limited resource mechanic to prevent this.

  3. Nodes remind me of Ultima Online (from years and years ago).
    There were several different servers and each main city area would be decorated differently by that server's GMs and when they had server wide events not all servers would succeed at completing them. It was really cool.

  4. Should make a really dynamic world. My hopes are that maybe smaller nodes and guilds will band together, to take out larger nodes. And the fact quests and possibly world bosses and such are affected by nodes would mean that to get the rare high end crafting materials or an epic loot drop that is in control of a node that you would have to take over or reduce the size of would really motivate players to attack these larger nodes as well. This would also make for alliances and even a form politics on a server for a true feel of a community.

  5. I can already see how this plays out.
    1. Some of the players are going to support just 1 node because this minimize the risk of losing their in-game investment.
    2. Most of the players will just stick with pre-created cities and not bother with the node system at all.

  6. What I am really interested in is the crafting system. Steven is said to be going hard on that, crafting will be very important in Ashes of Creation. There will likely be a lot of freedom with crafting which means the possibilities of what you can craft in terms of weapons and armor could be limitless. Of course, there will be some limits to not make too crazy but it will interesting because maybe you can make custom orders for crafters for how you want your armor or weapons to look along with what kind of stats you want. Steven said they are still doing testing on this but an 'item creation suite' has been discussed as a future possibility, which means essentially a character creation suite for crafters to really determine the look and aesthetic of what they craft.

  7. Node and Housing
    will ruin this game for sure :

    – Cities ruler

    – Lame Farmer

    – First arrive , best place

    Good luck with your poor 5 members Guild when 400 members of a German and Brit community will join the same server and will rush the game and will Gank you every sec
    Remember it's an Open World PvP without any restriction !

  8. Just moved to to the PC master race community from the xbox and this was one of the games I'm most excited for cant wait to be able to play this game.


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