Ashes Of Creation MMO – Dev Update – Alpha One Dates And Access 04/16/2021

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I might try to get into Alpha One and stream it and give my review.


3 thoughts on “Ashes Of Creation MMO – Dev Update – Alpha One Dates And Access 04/16/2021”

  1. Not very convincing that video tbh… It seems like everyone wants to be a hyper sceptic white knight nowadays… Of course they do not sell the key for $75 when Alpha 2 packages cost $350 and kickstarters had to pay $500 before for Alpha 1… And of course a game that is in a developmental alpha and about two years away from release is full of bugs and lacking in content… This is even less than an early access version… Alpha 1 was never meant for random people to check out the game, its for dedicated and hardcore fans that want to be part of the process of making AoC the Game they were longing for… They open up alpha because many desire to participate in the development and Steven was more then right in making clear that no one needs to accpect a polished product… All those people like you who expect under the title "alpha" a proper game to play are exactly the kind of people who should not participate in that at all… Wait for the finished game or at least Beta… If you want to sh*t talk the game down then, fair enough, but surely not in Alpha 1… This video just misses the point like a 100%… Though I kinda agree with you that there has been some "fake it till you make it" in AoCs development process… But what do you expect it's a company not an NGO.


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