Ashes of Creation MELEE COMBAT Update in 2 Minutes

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Ashes of Creation MELEE COMBAT Update in 2 Minutes

Today we’re looking at some Ashes of Creation gameplay recently shown in a developer livestream. Ashes of Creation is an upcoming MMORPG set to have it’s second Alpha towards the end of 2022.

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11 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation MELEE COMBAT Update in 2 Minutes”

  1. as they said, this is a work in progress.

    Regardless, it's a good place to start. A "neutral" combat system.

    From this, it can be shaped into what the community wants and can slowly add it's own identity.

    Let's not forget it took From Software over a decade and multiple titles to find the correct combat system. Also, Escapre from Tarkov is still trying to find the gunfight they really want.

  2. Idk the combat still seems more stationary based combat rather than engaging. If the weight of an attack isn't something that affects the animation of my character than the combat will be broken down to who can lay down the most DPS or who can lay down the stun. Combat that doesn't feel engaging doesn't feel good. If ashes went into the grounds closer to souls games or maybe jrpg or even BDO territory than that combat would be more attractive. New world had attractive combat, but then it went in the direction of the typical MMO and mechanics became more noob friendly and combat in general is ruined in that sense.

  3. Man the coping of people about AoC is amazing to me. How many deadlines can they miss and more funding do they need to get us what the initial kickstarter promised? I know a dude who died waiting for them to get to even a beta let alone alpha.


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