Ashes of Creation: May 2021 Developer Livestream Breakdown

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A quick Breakdown of the lifestream from April 2021

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33 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: May 2021 Developer Livestream Breakdown”

  1. I too was blown away at the siege video and how smooth the gameplay looked. For an unpolished pre alpa test the looks and performance was quality and as Steven said he recorded that on a 1080Ti card in 4k on a widescreen monitor.
    The excitement is mounting I can't wait to see how they progress in the coming months. This truly does look like it could be the game we all wished someone would make and have been waiting for years to arrive.

  2. Dude your channel is just a big AoC shill, not that that's a bad thing lol. You're my #1 AoC news guy nao.
    And fuck Reddit, I made it thru the whole video and still subbed Q.Q why are redditors more special uwu

  3. Hey you should drop every 2-3 days to give the YouTube algorithm enough time to promote your video and get it more views before you drop the next video. If you drop daily the algorithm can’t necessarily pump all the videos properly because it likes to promote your newest video a lot stronger then the video that came out before it. I hope that made sense. I did a lot of research on the algorithm 6 months ago and that seemed to be the consensus. Hope this helps

  4. Man the game is really getting me more and more excited. And that corrupted set looks dope. I seriously want to pair that set with my necromancer. XD Nice video man. Keep posting dude and we are here to support you.

  5. Wait Bard is gone!!? Crap! I loved that dude. He was also one of Intrepids biggest assets. I hope the new guy can fill hes shoes, cause those are some pretty damn big shoes to fill


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