Ashes of Creation: Legendary Crafting Comparison and Overview

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First things first, all the content spoken about in this video is information found on the AoC wiki and during livestreams over the last few years!
Everything is Subject to change 🙂
I try my best to tell you guys when I’m speculating and when it’s actual facts and I’m very sorry if anything confused you! I love speculating and throwing in ideas of my own to help improve the game! Please feel free to ask in the comments if anything I said confused you!

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00:00 Intro
00:42 What is Legendary Crafting?
03:19 The Legendary Journey
05:49 The God Realm
07:38 Glyphs and Stations
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09:06 Clown Fiesta

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17 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: Legendary Crafting Comparison and Overview”

  1. lmao, 1 dislike and he gives me 3 mentions
    OK I'll go back to the other video and change it because that shit was funny.

    Good video Narc, I hope that on top of the God Forge idea they have Augments that Forges can be upgraded with.

    * Weapons that have slightly increases damage but break after X amount of death
    * Weapons that cause weird loot drops (Like gold dust or Monster Coins)
    * Armor that protects more against X mob types

    Giving a forge a specific "Master" or owner for X amount of time to boost their crafted resources could increase trade in some areas.
    Also limiting the amount of Weapons a player can forge or putting an extended delay before its ready would help make equipment more rare.

    Not a fan of people grinding crafting skills to make the best only to sell all the fissile crafted material for next to nothing.
    UO kind of fixed that by adding bulk orders quests where a NPC would give a ticket that ate up a bunch of low level gear for RNG rewards.

  2. Ugh, I hate it when MMORPG's character/account-bound. It's not immersive at all and rather annoying. Let people trade/give whatever items they want to other players. Maybe make it worthwhile for players to "disassemble" items if you don't want them to share the same handful of items between each other… or come up with something better.

    I agree with GW2 having an amazing Legendary Crafting system. 🙂 Also, YAY! MORE BLOOPERS!

  3. Sup Narc 😀 Not sure if you already covered this question before? But is it possible to level up through crafting? As I will play as a magic focus class and crafting that benefits that class most 😀

  4. Btw I realy hope that they DONT force players to play etc pvp to gain a pve legendary armor/weapon. I rather have more recipes then so pvpers have their focus and pveers/ explorers etc etc have their own focus. And a fun way would maby be if a party/raid have different legendary in the same group they would give boons to all? 🙂 So if you have 1 pve and 1 explorer legendary item in your party it could give etc: A damage absorb shield to everyone, (PVE) then for the explorer boon a resist boon depending what kind of area/zone you are in 😀 Like a heat/fire resistless in a lava area. :))?

    Or what are your guys thoughts? To op?

  5. I personally like the fact the there is no soulbound gear in AoC. I don't want to invest in crafting. I rather go all-in into gathering and sell my materials to others. To me it makes the economy feel more alive.


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