Ashes of Creation Last Week's News, Today. August 22nd – 27th.

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August 22nd to August 27th.

Monthly livestream week! This ongoing Ashes of Creation news series is made with the help of my friend Diura where we talk about any official information/updates from the previous week all in one week which includes tweets/forum/discord and reddit posts from devs. There’s a huge world map update alongside a node vassal system, the first glimpse of a female Empyrean in game model, minotaurs, Open Sea full PvP and a reminder that Rangers will be revealed in next months livestream!

Also if you are new to Ashes there is a wiki page that has a lot of information on it at and if you haven’t made an account yet and want to help me out please click on this referral link that’s free for you to use:

The background footage has come from the official Ashes of Creation page:

Ashes of Creation Monthly Livestream:
QnA Answers:

There is no alpha 2 date as of yet.

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  1. Livestream really changes things up for me. For some reason I can't state clearly, Open Sea PvP completely flipped me over. I've gone from wanting to avoid PvP to eager to try it out, even if I still suck.


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