Ashes of Creation Last Week's News, Today. August 15th-20th.

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August 15th – August 20th

This ongoing Ashes of Creation news series is made with the help of my friend Diura where we talk about any official information/updates from the previous week all in one week which includes tweets/forum/discord and reddit posts from devs. There’s some information about Ranger camouflage and Rogue stealth as well as the announcement of the monthly livestream on August 26th!

Also if you are new to Ashes there is a wiki page that has a lot of information on it at and if you haven’t made an account yet and want to help me out please click on this referral link that’s free for you to use:

The background footage has come from the official Ashes of Creation page:

Career Tweet:
GPU Tweet:
Dev Discussion:
Tower Tweet:
Sand Mommy:
Livestream Discussion:
FanArt Tweet:

There is no alpha 2 date as of yet.

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11 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Last Week's News, Today. August 15th-20th.”

  1. god damn it, i love mmos. i palyed them all… quite literally all, and my dream would be to work on one like ashes or riots upcoming mmo and help making what i, and many of us, are searching for, for so long.

    i think this is the perfect time too. with todays technology, specially UE5, and the knowledge about how to make great games/mmos, there is the possibility to make another wow. well metaphorically, we obviously dont want another wow, but doing something that hooks ppl into the genre again and bring innovation aswell as a breath of fresh air. i cant wait.


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