Ashes of Creation JUST GOT ALOT CLOSER – And Here's Why

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With Intrepid studios Innovating On modern game within Unreal Engine 5 Ashes of Creation is starting to look alot closer than we expected. It really feels like the benefits from the engine swap over are in full swing and in today’s video we discuss the implications, origins and Process behind Intrepid Studio’s LANDFORM TOOL.

Please feel free to correct or add to anything I may have missed in today’s video to help any new comers to the project understand the implications of this brand new Unreal Engine 5 LANDFORM TOOL.
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42 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation JUST GOT ALOT CLOSER – And Here's Why”

  1. This is it. AoC is my last hope for a great MMORPG to really get into. It all looks fantastic and sounds almost too good to be true. I pray Steven and this team deliver and it doesn't fall into the hype-train and hit us with anything that is pay to win. I look forward to it and hope they take all the time it takes to make this special. It will take over the lionshare of this market if they stay true to what they have been saying/developing. It all looks amazing.

  2. I love a lot of things about your content, & hope you are open to one idea:
    -love the humor, sarcasm, often the writing, etc.
    -I'd honestly love to see you put as much potential as you have, to really geek out after an update and release an equally silly length video of 30-45m – perhaps trying to really build on some more massive themes occasionally. A dissection of sorts with a keen eye for detail in your style would be fun – even if you did end up with more ad breaks.

  3. Well okay. Believing in Ashes' promises takes more faith than believing religion. Promise after promise after promise but no solid heaven to touch. So when do I get to play the actual game when I die? I'm gonna go play Chimeraland that is far from perfect but it's here and free.

  4. I don't get the 100% dedication to ashes of creation…diversify your content and stop recycling the same jokes about dry content…people like your style and videos, branch out a bit?

  5. I don't know much about how powerful those engines are but what I like is that they seem really want to create a mmo they'd love to play and I looking forward it.

  6. I am just honestly flabbergasted at how little they have revealed, and how good they are at keeping their lips sealed on where they are at in the process. I understand that they don't want to speculate and not deliver – but like any information at all would be really nice at this point. You and others say we are closer than we think to A1, but I think the opposite can be true as well. We haven't seen too many systems to type out. (Other class 1-10 trailers is an easy starter).

    I'm genuinely afraid that this game will take TOO long to come out some days.

  7. ue5 is not really brandnew. Its basically UE4.30, unreal engine is plugin based, UE5 main features are nanite, lumen and partly chaos physics + overhaul of the engine GUI.
    90% is the same as UE4 last version

  8. Narc, been watching your videos for awhile and am getting so stoked for this game. I am an old school MMORPG'r (started way back in Ultima Online when I was like 11). It is by far my favorite genre, and it has gotten so bad. I mean, all games have gotten bad (it is almost like the devs don't even play games anymore, right?). To be fair, when streaming started taking off, I knew it was likely the beginning of the end. However, Ashes might just prove me wrong.

  9. U5 is stellar for just about anyone these days IF you take the time to learn it.
    I think it will surpass everyone's expectations and then some. The tools they are creating is just extra bank for them down the line when they offer them to the market.
    Line I've said before Steven ain't no dummy. He's hard-headed and stubborn enough to make this thing work come hell or high water. I'm glad they made the switch if anything we get the game sooner than later now. Keep the great vids coming!

  10. – An mmo promising all the typical buzzword bells and whistles
    – Built on an unproven engine
    – Using in-house tools
    – Giving incredible detail and dynamic environments
    – But optimized so well you won't have to upgrade your system

    I got a bridge to sell the MMO community. It connects New World to Star Citizen, and you can stop half-way to visit Chronicles of Elyria.

  11. While I’m extremely excited for Ashe’s of creation to release, I must say you have kept me interested in its development more than any other content creator!! Keep up the great work


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