Ashes of Creation just another Mortal Online?

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While there are plenty of similarities, what are some of the biggest differences between Ashes of Creation and Mortal Online 2? In this video, I set discussions of potential quality/polish aside, and dive into what make the games distinct. I also discuss what I see as the A (The How) and B (The Why) elements of MMORPGs.


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  1. The issue with value is that most people value efficiency and effectiveness.

    IE min maxes will figure out the best nodes to have. The best class combos. The best professions to have etc… which will make the value of let's say what I find enjoyable that isn't in that formula worthless.

    I don't think every server will be different. There will always be a meta. And people will always filter into that meta. You can try to go against the grain, but they'll be easily beat out.

  2. Another huge difference is one is third person and the other first. For some people this difference can be a deal breaker. I for one was very interested in trying Mortal online 2 until I found out its first person only. I've never found first person enjoyable.

  3. I play Mortal Online II on occasion. Never played the first, but I love the directional and more realistic combat. I love the leveling system. It’s open and allows you to focus on learning what you like. I enjoy that there are no quests and the players themselves make the content and goals. I like the idea of the crafting, however it feels rather saturated. Like there is so much gear that making any one thing is lower in value. I also wish it had more of a survival sandbox element like Conan or Ark where you CAN make stone/wooden equipment from scratch through foraging. And I wish they would get rid of any NPC given items. So that everything made that is used by players is made by players. Overall good concept game but honestly has failed to become what it envisioned so far. Would be willing to go back if they finish it and sort of make it more of a survival/simulation.

    P.S. I do not fall into the category of a troll or ganker. I don’t even prefer PvP in the sense of just killing people for loot. I am definitely more of an RP guy. I just prefer more realistic games that don’t force you to follow a certain path like requiring you to quest or follow a story to advance. I much prefer to make my own story in the world.

  4. Isn't this A game, B game just intrinsic and extrinsic rewards? If a good A game is a good "how" then that means it is intrinsically rewarding, and if a good B game is a good "why" then that means it is extrinsically rewarding.

  5. there is an amazing resource called the ashes of creation wiki, and just by looking at that we can decipher that the two games aren't even remotely comparable.


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