Ashes of Creation June dev update in a nutshell (first look at combat)

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ashes of Creation finally showed off combat at least melee combat. this was a incredible dev update start to finish Stephen sheriff talked about combat which is closer to action combat and showed of a cool sword. there will be body sliders for the females in the character creation. and crafted gear will be the best gear in the game.


4 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation June dev update in a nutshell (first look at combat)”

  1. I thought he was saying he didn't want weapon skills to define your character, not that there wouldn't be weapon skills 🤔🤔

    Also a rollback is basically where you reverse the time on the servers to a point that was the last stable point. In doing that anything that has progress also rolls backwards.

    So let's say in 2 hours you get a freehold and tame like 7 different animals and lvl up once. Then the server roles back 2 hours. All the stuff you gained disappears and you have to re get everything. So you'd lose the freehold, you'd lose the lvl, you'd lose the tames. So I'm glad rollback or a last resort because they can be very detrimental

  2. I don't like crafting but in a way I'm excited for what Steven wants craters to be, the reason being is because it'll be almost like employing crafters for us that hate crafting. I feel like it would add a social element to the game that most people don't get to experience. I like the idea of finding the top crafter in the server and asking them to make you dragon armor, or serpent armor and then you pay them a fee and you get some of the best gear in the game.

  3. Also that's horrible 😭 I thought I was your favorite sub 😭 but you were wishing a different game blew up 😭 here I am trying to help your channel grow by using the algorithm too


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