Ashes of Creation is the WORST SCAM In Kickstarter History 2022

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Kickstarter MMORPGs are infamous for being labled as scams… And generally this skepticism is very warrented however… There is one MMORPG in development that is showing a serious ammount of promise and in today’s video I want to discuss Ashes of Creation’s Progress in 2022 and highlight where the game’s been recieved in terms of monetisation, development and appeal… with a side of copium ofc.

WOW 15 minutes of Audio and Absolutely nothing of value was said! I’m getting good at this scripting process… or maybe worse?
Anyway because of the length I’ve once again, cut out the intro and will use it for tomorrow’s video. In the meantime come join the discord:

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38 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation is the WORST SCAM In Kickstarter History 2022”

  1. WOW 15 minutes of Audio and Absolutely nothing of value was said! I'm getting good at this scripting process… or maybe worse?
    Anyway because of the length I've once again, cut out the intro and will use it for tomorrow's video JEBAITED In the meantime come join the discord:

  2. I have one really big question to the developers in this game. I know you aren't one of them but why not just drop the question right here.
    Why does attack/spells effects have to be SO MASSIVE / SO FLASHY / SO COLORFUL that you can barely see anything else on the screen. I have not played this game but by just watching 5 minute video of it my eyes hurt already from all the blue, orange, yellow etc. massive in size effects ( it almost feels like Path of Exile – also overtuned effects which is the main reason why i do not like PoE anymore despite having amazing depth and content … if they make PoE a board game without these flashy animations I would go back and play it again but with this mess on the screen no thanks. ). I do not understand why gamers have to be put and chained onto PC's for several hours a day – give the stereotype model modern games have where they pretty much almost force you to play 6 hours a day and do all the "dailies" otherwise you are done, no longer relevant … tied UP with unhealthy and absolutely unnecessary flashy animations that for an amount of 6 hours – Oh boy i can't even imagine what would that feel like 😀

    What do you guys think ?

  3. I think the main reason some people are rooting for Ashes to fail is their need to be right. These people said at the beginning it was a scam and they'd rather be right then have a good game.

  4. Have they talked about how they will publish the game on release? How are they going to handle the live service, I feel like amazon is trying to scoop everything up, but their servers are garbage. IDK what they advertise to companies about their live service, but its not the reality.

  5. to be honest when you talk about the cosmetics and me looking at the video and the stuff the show … damn i saw better skyrim mod armor and weapons in 2016.
    yay sure high poly but the texture work is bland at best looks like me dying something in pure gold so the shine overlaps the details on it xD

  6. The big thing I want from an MMO is no store at all. I fully understand how these are models that were created to fill out the world, and by selling these they are just getting more money to make an even better game. But if I can just buy a good looking mount, why would I bother to farm out some money / reputation / tokens to get an in game version of the mount? I know farming is not super interesting content, but every store item is something that could have been in game content that you now can just pay to skip.

  7. I’m too jaded to ever feel hype at this point. I could list a whole slew of personal disappointments…..even a few crushing blows to the balls involving hype trains derailing spectacularly.

    Here however, I am allowing myself to feel hope. I hope this is good, I hope this is the moment that this genre has been waiting for since wow began that slide. There’s been great mmos post wow, if this is just another “great” mmo that’s fine. I hope this is like….wow 2.0 I guess? I was there when the genre shifted(away from EQ and Ultima, I can tell you, wow made me drop my EverQuest when I saw someone take a flight point), it’d be crazy to live through another shift.

  8. Those of us that understood the meaning of the BR had no issue with it. I'm sure when people find out about all the cosmetics that people earned in the BR that can be used in AoC there will be moaning and groaning as usual. I actually enjoyed the BR as it made sense to test out networking, matchmaking and thank god the first iteration of combat. If it weren't for the BR combat would not be where it is at this point. Still a ways to go but believe me when I say that nobody wanted the combat from the BR in final release. They made a few mistakes with the BR but the majority of the its a scam came from people who thought it was a released full game instead of the testing phase it was meant to be.

  9. Steven said that the battle royale thing saved them potentially months of progress, because they found some fault in the core networking code or something and it had to be rewritten from the ground up. They wouldnt have discovered it without the battle royale thing and wouldve just built stuff on top of shit code. im paraphrasing the shit out of this, but essentially it was pretty worth, since the end product's gonna be good either way.
    im sure one of your discord nerds can find a vid where Steven talks about this.

  10. Do people even know about Star Citizen, which is an incredible game, but they have had over 400 million dollars of invesments over 9 years if thats correct and its still not done. but their scope are way higher than this game, making the biggest space game ever to exist.


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