Ashes of Creation: Is the leveling process a bit too much?

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I’m back from my break and I’m gonna hit ashes of creation content with a hot take. but I think the leveling process in the game is a bit too much. from what the team at intrepid says, it will take 2 months to level up and that’s playing 4 hours a day. this MMO sounds like a full time job. while I agree that the leveling process should be one of the core experiences in a MMO I think they are taking it a bit to far. But that’s just me


2 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: Is the leveling process a bit too much?”

  1. The Algorithm demands Fresh Views!

    My plan is to dabble and explore in Ashes, and have it be my second home after another Project that may take longer to Launch.

    270 hours for max level seems okay for me.

  2. I think that the misconception is that the time you spend "levelling" is wasted. Yes, in pretty much all MMOs it's usually a race to max level to reach the "end game". I think what is different about Ashes is that the gameplay you will be doing while levelling won't actually be so different to the end game content. You will probably get access to more raids, dungeons and capable of doing more challenging content and get better gear, but while levelling you can still do everything.

    I will say that power spike may have the biggest influence on how pressured people are to level. If a max level character can have an innate high power gap between say a character 5 or 10 levels lower where you couldn't even think about engaging them in combat, then that might lock you out of things like Caravans in fear of being attacked by a high level character. Apparently gear is supposed to account for half of your power, but I don't know to what extent.

    So I don't think the levelling time on its own is so bad, as you should have a lot of game to play. But I am curious what content you might avoid until you are more competitive power wise with the general player base.


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