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So this post over on reddit threw me for a loop. Someone is trying to say that because New World’s cities failed, that Ashes of Creation Nodes would fail, but then more than half of their arguments or complaints had to do with the PVP system. I have included the original post for you to look at, but I’ve also provided links to information on the Node System for Ashes and the PvP Flagging vs Themes information for Ashes as well.

People need to realize that New World did a very bad implementation of their city systems. This does not mean that Ashes’s node system will fail. They are two totally different beasts.

Original Post:

Info on Nodes:

Info on PVP Flagging vs Themes:

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7 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation IS NOT New World”

  1. I find it weird that people complain about local bank storage as a means to argue against aocs (insert x mmorpg) local banking but then proceed to forget that albion and Bdo have them and are seen as okay games(if we ignore everything else). i feel like people are just looking for negatives for no reason just because past insecurities and fears

  2. I didn't know about Ashes 101, I will look at it later.

    I don't know enough about modern MMOs to have a definite opinion on how the Ashes Node System will play out. I am concerned that as the Alpha 2 Population will be very different from the Launch Population, things might turn out vastly differently.

    Thank you for the analysis.

  3. I do agree with some of their post. I am not a fan of the banking system but I get how its different in Ashes and the game play this adds. I like DAoC PvP better myself but I did play Lineage for had a blast. If a DAoC MMO dropped at the same time as Ashes, Ashes would lose out. For me the biggest drawback to any MMO is item management. I will play Ashes despite that fact.


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