Ashes of Creation is Going to be BIG // Ashes of Creation Info Dump

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You will practically only find me playing games like Escape from Tarkov or ARMA 3 these days with an occasional Destiny 2 and WoW when something new pops up. However I am genuinely excited for Ashes of Creation and today I am breaking down why 🙂
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5 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation is Going to be BIG // Ashes of Creation Info Dump”

  1. hmmm and how this wonderful, immense, incredible, big mmo is in release?…..i see only video of gameplay with an old style of an mmo, some video of presentation of class, some video presentation of some creature to tame (ohhhh a great news, Ark is more and more better in this type of content) some video, video and video…..when this incredible product is in a real state to see a release?….in 2090? in this era or in a distant future?… know when the dev start this project? (in crowfounding)… the past, a software house make a game, sell and the player is happy… a software house have an idea, the player give money to the project (a lot of money), wait 10 age for a prototype of a game full of bug, and when another 10 age pass, buy the game again…..(in the best case)
    February 2016…….March 2021, 5 years to see nothing, only video, when there is a release, a real mmo to play with a thousand and thousand of player without bug, lag, problem, when all the content fuction well?… in pre alpha, after 5 years…..the beta when, in 2026?….and the release? in 2031? XDD

  2. I'd love to see you covering stalker 2, GSC(devs) have answered many questions on their reddit threat. There is also a cypher, its halfway encrypted and all in all this is my most awaited game this decade !
    p.s. nice video , you made me interested for that game 😉


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