Ashes of Creation in September 2022

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This is a short version of the Ashes of Creation monthly stream where the team shows us their latest feats towards bringing the game to life.
This video contains all the important information and aims to save you time.
The Ashes of Creation MMORPG August development update can be found in full length on the official Ashes of Creation twitch/youtube channels.

00:00 Intro
00:11 World map
03:44 Open seas PVP
06:11 Nodes
08:37 Policies
10:41 Caravans
12:02 Environment
13:54 Character art
17:01 Outro

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3 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation in September 2022”

  1. Yawn, protecting players and punishing players for doing pvp, i mean that stat dampening is so dumb, you cant even defend yourself if you choose to freely pvp, ill completely pass on this game, another game that aims to morons and carebears, literally doing nothing original when it comes to pvp or mmos yet again.


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