Ashes of Creation in October 2022

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This is a short version of the Ashes of Creation monthly stream where the team shows us their latest feats towards bringing the game to life.
This video contains all the important information and aims to save you time.
The Ashes of Creation MMORPG development update can be found in full length on the official Ashes of Creation twitch/youtube channels.

00:00 Intro
00:12 Topics
01:01 Minotaurs
01:24 Wreckage of Carphin
02:08 Longbow
02:58 Ranger abilities
04:28 Hybrid combat
05:52 Shortbow
07:00 Skill trees
08:05 Important questions
11:14 Character art

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3 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation in October 2022”

  1. Usual reminder:

    This is work in progress towards the alpha 2 phase, it is not finished, there are lots of things left to be done!

    And as always, the team not only welcomes our feedback, but they really really want you to provide it in order to create a successful game.

    This includes positive feedback (in case you really enjoyed certain aspects of the combat), or negatives (that you just to want to see changed/removed).

    Or, you could simply suggest things you have enjoyed in other games regarding their ranged combat.

    (If you are interested in any of that, head on over to the Ashes forums/discord/subreddit)


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