Ashes of Creation: How This MMO Will Solve Its Biggest Problem

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Ashes of Creation, an upcoming MMORPG, is facing the biggest problem ever right now.

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37 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: How This MMO Will Solve Its Biggest Problem”

  1. Asmongold is still suffering from PVP PTSD from advertise on classic. This streamer had 15,000 subs following him and couldn’t defend himself. Then calls pvpers dumb. Your literally had a safe button and you were ganked into crying to twitch. For a millionaire your not very smart to call any population dumb. I hope it happens all over again

  2. best system i found is WOW retail, Rift, and NewWorld. hybrid servers, where u toggle PVP for better or specific rewards, Pve carebear town where u can chill and grind at normal rates. and everyone is happy and can play and switch at any time.

  3. They should put a counterpart where protecting weaker player bring reward, like a paragon guild. This could help make new player experience better while still retaining interesting open world pvp content.

  4. I'm hoping that they will eventually put a toggle to it. I've been playing a lot of MMO and none MMO games for a very long time that has some always on PVP on it and it is always not fun most of the time. People will and will always find a way to ruin someones day.

  5. Eve is far from a dead game in it's defence. Averages 20-40k concurrent players. Not bad for something 20+ years old. Opt-out PvP will just lead to a pointless dead ass game that is New World now.

    New World was designed as an OW PvP game, then was WoW-ified because of people like Asmon, now it's dead. There is no reason whatsoever to PvP in NW.

  6. EVE is not dead. Its doing okay. Is it as good as it has been in the past no, but no MMO over 10 years old is. They have all went down hill to some degree and EVE is a niche game being space ships, more niche being open pvp even in "protected" space, and then you have the general play style that most people can't get past. Given all the shit stacked against EVE, EVE is doing great.

  7. As a casual with limited time to play per day and interest in the game, if I experience griefing – I am out. I experience enough stress at work, I do not need that shit in my spare time when I want to relax and have fun. Toggle for pvp participation should be the norm – if you don't want to pvp then you are not forced into it.

  8. Look that's why Ultima Online made Trammel – to deal with griefers. I'd preferred full pvp, and didn't mind being grieved but I agree with the video the majority of people will not.

  9. Ashes of Creations is a collection of features that were tried and died 20 years ago because they were bad. The game is not even dead on arrival, its dead on conception. Lineage 2, Steven's main inspiration could not even compete with Lineage 1..

  10. The problem with turning pvp off in Ashes is that a lot of the other systems assume that people are going to engage in PvP. Opting out of pvp is essentially opting out of the game. It's more like a Survival Game MMO hybrid than anything.

  11. If you improve in PvP it really helps. I play war mode and all that always in WoW and every once in a while I will have someone grief me and repeatedly kill my lower level guy who's just trying to level. Do you know what I do? If he's being a jerk and not just obviously a fresh 60 or whatever I'll happily log into one of my decked out PvP characters and beat him up a bit until he gets bored and leaves to do something else because he's just not getting the juice from it anymore. 🤷🏻‍♂

  12. the best game world system for me is albion online and EvE

    If you are a player who doesn't want to play pvp, you can play in the safe zone

    If you are a player who wants more challenges, you can switch to the pvp area and work in a group guild will be more effective.

    The money rotation mechanism in the game that is always active every day is

    players work together. Equipment will not lose value

    Don't be like NW did. let's make a game in its own way and it will have a certain and lasting player base ^^

  13. Persistent PvP is for sadists, its why I hate Albion Online. Gankers at every bottleneck circle jerking whilst waiting to unfairly squash anyone that passes by. F those people, F that game. More importantly, F AoC if that's how it is going to be.

  14. This game will be fine. It will be what Lineage 2 should have been but ncsoft korea is incompetent with the western release. If you want proof this game has a market, check out L2Reborn or any of the big private servers. NCSOFT Korea destroyed the game with not listening to ncsoft west requests for the western demographic and the final nail was Goddess of Destruction and making it a P2W mobile game on PC.

  15. 3:04 – Sorry Asmon, that's the worse take ever. I can see a level of copium on your opnion here. 1st off, Rust is not a MMORPG. Valorant also has PvP always on, that doesn't mean MMO's can succeed with PvP always on. And watching Asmon defend this is kinda cringe, cos I remember him saying pvp on was bad for example for New World. However it could be okay in AoC? Weirdest take.


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