Ashes of Creation Hopium | My Vision for the Class Augment System

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Today’s video is a showcase and hypothetical for the class augments and how they could be implemented for success or failure inside of Ashes of Creation.

What do you think? How much design can be done by the team to create successful class fantasies?

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3 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Hopium | My Vision for the Class Augment System”

  1. For balance anti meta game purposes I will be fine with a majority of the augments being flavor based changes. However I do think for the fantasy of a necromancer over an elemental summoner that key major differences do need to be evident.

    In that example a small army of zombies/skeletons vs a singular elemental construct as the base summon ability, with other small energy blast like spell being simply changed to necrotic/shadow dmg vs ice/fire… hope that makes sense and just my opinion.


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