Ashes of Creation Full PVP overview and Latest Combat NEWS!

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PvP is going to be a vast & key focus in Ashes of Creation due to it being one of the main ways you can affect the world as well as going hand in hand with PvP is combat which was the main focus of this month’s Livestream and it was very highly anticipated. Having a good combat system is integral to an MMO and Intrepid Studios has made major important improvements and changes. In this video, I’ll be diving into my opinion on the Livestream, the flagging system, the node and castle sieges, Caravans and much more. I think the combat has improved immensely from Alpha 1 to Pre-Alpha 2 gameplay and I can’t wait to test it out myself in Alpha 2.
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6 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Full PVP overview and Latest Combat NEWS!”

  1. Great job, one of the better videos on the combat update. The first half provided much needed context with video from Alpha 1, before diving into the new stuff. Different.

    I really want to play Ashes of Creation, but my hands aren't what they used to be, and I haven't done video combat in almost twenty years, since EverQuest 1.

    At the pace shown, I am going to suck at PvP, but between Pets, Ranged, and Heavy Weapons, I might be good enough at PvE to enjoy the rest of the game.

    I am not a PvP person, but I willing to pay the price of admission.

  2. what do you guys think about Ashes of creations PVP modes and the latest live stream update we got this month about Combat? Let me know all your feedback below.
    Really enjoyed making this one and cant wait to get all this tested out in alpha 2.
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  3. The livestream was a huge step in the right direction imo. Cant wait to test it out myself. Nice easy to digest overview on the PvP systems to. Hopefully you'll do a video covering the sieges in the future.

  4. Awesome video the combat update really got me hyped to jump into the game and test out the combat looks 100x better than it did in alpha 1 and i imagine it feels much more responsive. Can't wait to jump into the PVP and see how the new combat works within that system.

  5. My feedback for Intrepid would be this: I think it looks incredible especially when you consider the last iteration of combat we saw and I’m a fan of their direction. My only issues come with things I’m almost certain they’ll address as development progresses. I think the heavy weapon should have more weight behind the swing, so it feels more mighty – like you’ve proper got to heave it across your body to connect. The graphics off the sword were a little too bold for my taste and I saw others saying the same so I’m sure they’ll reduce it. Also with the daggers, just a couple connecting animations that make the slashing seem more seem less. Other than that, it looks incredible!

    I really want it to feel like how BDO makes you feel: like a god! I love how you feel like a killing machine and I want them to be more vicious with the way they animate the combat.

    The only major issue is something Paradox brought up in his most recent video about the direction of the combat. I don’t see this type of combat working with Tab target, as it’ll be mixing free and stiff combat. That aspect I just can’t see working but I really really want to be proven wrong! I hope in the future they’re more clear about the direction they want the combat to go in as it’s changed so much in the 5 years I’ve been following the game.

    Very excited for more updates and was also wondering if you were going to make a video on the map changes they mentioned in the livestream. What potential aspects may be changing and for what reason.

    Loving the content as always – quickly becoming one of my favourite AoC creators. Keep it up!

  6. Agree with the other comments this is definetly one of the PvP and livestream coverages really gives the person watching it a lot of context. There is a ton of information when it comes to PvP and I like the way you've refereed to other videos rather than trying to cover all in one and miss or rush vital parts. Keep up the good work!

    Also the combat in the latest livestream was some real progress in the right direction got a few issues but I'm sure that's more to do with it being a first pass. You can really see the progress with how you have done the video. Like the caravan video being from alpha 0 then the footage of PvP and the siege from alpha 1


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