Ashes of Creation: Economic Nodes Overview and Services

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First things first, all the content spoken about in this video is information found on the AoC wiki and during livestreams over the last few years!
Everything is Subject to change ๐Ÿ™‚
I try my best to tell you guys when Iโ€™m speculating and when itโ€™s actual facts and Iโ€™m very sorry if anything confused you! I love speculating and throwing in ideas of my own to help improve the game! Please feel free to ask in the comments if anything I said confused you!

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00:00 Intro
01:36 What are Economic Nodes?
02:39 Economic Government
04:32 Auction Houses
05:49 Unique Building: Markets
08:22 Unique Building Mastery: The Eporium
09:33 Economic Super Power
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30 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: Economic Nodes Overview and Services”

  1. Very Nice, loved the Intro.

    Economic Super Power :

    First off one of the stretch goals was to add a full on stock market. This means that Guilds in theory will have an identity so a Guild Master can use the market much like a business owner and create and sell stocks.

    In theory if you buy stocks from a guild you now own a part of that guild allowing you to essentially turn a private guild into a public guild that could end with you outing the Guild Master and taking over the guild and its owned property.

    Speculation aside I can hardly think of a better supper power then the ability to turn a guild into a full on business.
    Adding Stock Loans would allow players to make Hedge Fund Companies, but if a lowly game developer was smart enough to add that into a game they are basically wasting their time at a dead end job.

    Thanks Narc, I needed a sweet release for my theory crafting. <3

  2. I have a couple idea of what I think a good super power for an economic node (if not already available) would be.
    Before my ideas I think there should be multiple options and the Mayor can only choose 1.
    This would allow there to most likely allow diversity and reasons to rotate mayors rather than just who has the most gold in their grasp.

    1: For a short duration (Martial Law Allowed only once per month or week? ) Allow the Leader of the Node to Purchase Guard/Military NPC's and Equipment to Guard the City Against Attackers or possibly to attack other nodes. This would allow the Mayor to be more responsible for the direct defense of a city, capture of another nearby node, and allow for politics to get quite interesting.

    2: (Golden Age) Every Week/Once a Month, etc) The Mayor of the City Activates some type of beacon or statue to allow everyone within the Node or the Node's effective radius to gain Bonus XP from Crafting, and a Chance to Loot Additional Crafting Materials from All Sources.

    3: (Innovation) Once a Month the Node may crate a structure in the city normally found in other Non-Economic Nodes, ( Lasts for a Month ) ( Can Change every month )
    Only one allowed.

    IDK, this game sounds really fun. Love your videos man!

  3. Good video and funny intro as always. But for some reason I dont find economic node much interesting. But the mayor election system you just spoke would be good. A council of 5 members of which one can be the merchant king. And I am worried that since the superpower in this node sounds crap…..i just hope they dont screw the other nodes.

  4. I absolutely love the beginning skits, please don't stop making them!

    I think when I start playing Ashes I'll be a citizen of a scientific node, but ill make sure to buy a home in a economic node that way I can sell my wares.


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