Ashes of Creation – Early Siege Gameplay in 4K

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Glorious Ashes Community! Today we shared some very EARLY looks at our siege gameplay that is actively being tested and worked on in the Alpha One Preview testing! There are still a lot of bugs, but hoping you enjoy watching the progress! Leave your thoughts below! **Ignore the control point spam, that was a bug and will be fixed **

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50 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation – Early Siege Gameplay in 4K”

  1. My friends, I hope you enjoy this early look at the siege system we are still actively working on for Alpha One! These will run 4 times per day during the month long test, and will provide us valuable density metrics to further improve our performance and eventually get us to 500 player sieges! *Ignore the control point spam, that was a bug and will be fixed <3*

  2. Of all the games I saw, this one showed me what literal war is. It would be more awesome if the participants apply some tactics and scheming on the battle. Definitely looking forward to your alpha even tho I'm from SEA 😀

  3. Ngl the more time it passes and the more updates we get from the dev team, I can't help but feel that the game's looking a lot less like "Ashes of COPIUM". Still keeping my expectations not too high, keep it up Intrepid Studios! 🙂

  4. I'm not big on large scale spam fest pvp… guess my backing dollars continue to not feed an mmo like I was sold. Ah well. Lots of great board games coming to look forward to.

  5. Looks amazing. Can really see all the work that has happened since last month.
    Enemy nameplates need work, it’s very hard to distinguish between allies and foes. Remember, if it’s red, it’s dead!

  6. Wow! Looks amazing 🙂 Just wanna echo what others are noticing with the combat not looking like it has weight behind it and is very floaty. Also wanted to add that the CC abilities looked somewhat overpowered and I would hope to see them get toned back a bit possibly, but I don't really know if they are actually that powerful from watching this but it did look like getting cc-locked was very easy and that's never fun :/

  7. I would suggest to have the same thing as warhammer online has.Turn on the character collision only in combat, limit the aoe spells stacking and have couple sec cc immunities, after you have been affected by such a skill.

  8. Combat just needs a lot of work. Very clunky. Need less elaborate spell effects and more weight/substance to actions.
    It's like they're going for a GW2 combat with the action/tab target. Which is great but yeah, not there yet. Also seems a tad too fast?

    I believe in Steven though. All the way.

  9. it’s looking better and better! i know the combat animations are still a work-in-progress, but i think it would be cool to see the character’s weight to kinda lean with them when moving laterally. of course it’s important not to overdo it so it’s clunky, but i think it would be neat (:

  10. Why does everyone look like a knight? It is very difficult to distinguish between classes. It's like everyone uses the same outfit and weapon.

    Also, are there classes like assassin and archer?

  11. its a mix of eso battleground and archage castle siege, this is fckin wonderful. is castle siege a weekly event? and how you get picked for the raid as defender or attacker? is there like a hero system where the hero choose the people that go to raid?


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