Ashes of Creation – Don't believe the hype

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This game might be good, it might even be GREAT, but it won’t be as fantastic as the insane, unrealistic levels of hype of saying it WILL be.

Ashes of Creation is a new MMOPRG being created by small studio ‘Intrepid Studios’.

The staff making it have a great deal of MMO design experience, from everquest and everquest 2, to Planetside 2 and Star Wars Galaxies.

Please look forward to this game, but stop hyping it to damaging levels.

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25 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation – Don't believe the hype”

  1. Hey Josh! Appreciate the vid 🙂 I'd tend to agree that in most cases, hyping a game in development can raise expectations to unattainable heights and ultimately negatively impact the impression upon release for a game. With that being said though, I would caveat, there is a clear distinction between hype and excitement. Players should feel comfortable in expressing their excitement for a game or company based on solid reasons. Whether that excitement is for things like; graphics, designs, gameplay, philosophy, customer service, community interaction, transparency etc. When projects get this type of support and feedback from fans it helps the development by motivating the developers and dare I say, the industry in a few ways. Consumers aka players have a very powerful voice when it comes to expressing their content or discontent with the direction of a genre, or project. And it's important to use that voice so companies can navigate better when catering gaming experiences for their audiences. So in summary, tempering expectations can be a good thing, but don't be afraid to express your excitement or support for projects that you feel are doing a good job in specific areas. Cheers! <3

  2. The fact that there is no solid, recent, "node" systems gameplay, walkthroughs, or even much mention of it tells me the game is such a long ways away. I'd say 3 years if they can keep at the same pace. Realistically, it maybe we quite developed , but their testing has been at such Small player numbers scale that I'd say they are years away from a mass invite closed beta even. The game is all well and good until we even see if it can manage the server load they talk about.

  3. Can we please stop with this "overhype" BS. Ashes has been one of the FEW gaming companies that are very clear on their intent and design purpose. It looks like most of you don't keep up with their monthly youtube updates. They are working hard and videos like this kind of invalidate the entire purpose of their live streams to their fans. I understand the concerns but at least give them a chance. They have put forth more effort to be transparent than most developers I have seen in a good 15 years. (yes I am that old) This video is unfounded because of the general assumptions given to this gaming company BASED OFF OTHER STUDIOS. Which isn't fair at all.

    Edit: I do like your points and critique of what makes an mmo successful etc. though and I am glad you are bringing up these issues for this company so props to that. You got a like from me. 🙂

  4. My hype level is at near zero . I don't expect more than maybe a mediocre game , I haven't understood the hype at all for this one. I do hope something revives the genre as it is dying on life support now , but .. X for doubt . Not to say I have anything against the game or desire it to fail because I don't at all . I just haven't seen anything that makes me go .. huh .. that looks great. Just looks . Average

  5. A lot of the team on this game stem from the old Everquest team. I think a lot of the Everquest team spent a lot of time on everquest next and landmark. Despite the fact that these games never reached market, (barring landmark which was on steam as an early access game for a year) i think it would be important to state that this is good game development experience. I played everquest next landmark for about 6 months whilst the game was in development, and although this game was eventually canned by the money men, i thoroughly enjoyed my time in it. The game was definitely flawed, as it found its self in a weird spot where it was almost an MMO but mostly a more modern style of minecraft with a great world building system. The team that developed everquest next (and subsequently landmark) were incredibly talented and made one of the best Minecraft style games i have ever played. The tech behind their voxel system was incredible, and it led to so much fun for me, and the potential of this system was insane. shame really that the money men never played the actual game and didnt realise the potential. Anyway, my point is, these are talented developers, and a lot of the ideas in this game are taken from the ideas from everquest next. Im just disappointed we dont have a minecraft 2 that uses the everquest next tech (as a building game, not an MMO.) If you are not aware of everquest next or landmark, do a bit a research about it. It was an incredible experience, while it lasted. There are videos on youtube showing the massive potential of the game. just put everquest next landmark into youtube and the first video that comes up from 2017 shows the breadth of the potential of this game.

  6. Nice video Josh! Your opnion have a good concise level and feet on ground philosophy. I really appreciate it.
    I do not see anything different in this game that we do not already have.

  7. if you reach a too broad audience, you get the "meh"/ "i guess its ok" games from today that many dabble in now and then but not a great game anyone is looking for
    edit: also expecting a game to be a 10/10 is just stupid, nervermind that games since 2010 have been mediocre at best (with exeptions like the witcher 3)

  8. From what I’ve read so far, this game will probably not be friendly to a casual audience. I imagine it will demand a ton of time a day to make reasonable progress- not to mention that if players are in charge then griefing will be widespread since people enjoy breaking things more than building things. I imagine it will be a game where players coming in a year later will be of a different class, a lower class, than the OG players. Who knows, maybe I’ll be completely wrong. Hopefully I am, but the human condition is a difficult thing to overcome.

  9. Honestly, 2 million, 4, 5 million wont produce a game that challenges anything out now. That amount will only get a game slightly started. I don't fall into the hype, I look at videos to determine whether I want to give it a shot or not. Looks like this will likely be a flavor of Everquest. A New World is capture my attention.

  10. The biggest thing that will cause Ashes to not be the "savior of mmos" is their obstinate refusal to support the largest demographic in the mmo community: PvE players. ALL servers will have forced PvP zones. This will push away PvE players. It will keep Ashes in a niche like all the other forced PvP games on the market. Without the PvE market, there won't be enough income to sustain Ashes for long.

    And yes, I've heard the asinine argument saying it's built around PvP. Except it's not. A PART of the game is built around PvP, but a large portion is still PvE. And as several MMOs have shown us over the years, even PvE servers have their PvP players. So no, nothing would need to be redesigned, the game is not built around PvP.

    Since so much is riding on Ashes being successful, investors are watching closely. And when Ashes fails due to thumbing their collective nose at the largest demographic, PvE players, investors will largely write off MMOs as a risk not worth investing in. So it's not just Ashes that will suffer from Intrepid's childish stubbornsess. The whole MMO industry/genre will.

  11. But the thing is, you have to also understand people that hype this game. There were no good mmo in years, so its understandable why people are so excited.

  12. This game will be fun for a couple weeks, months then it will probably die down and people will move on back to enstablished mmorpgs like ESO, Final Fantasy 14 or WoW, and yeah yeah GW2.

  13. To be honest there's only so much a game can do. The node system is interesting, but it'll work like citadels did in runescape. I like the idea of how they operate though, but you need to give good reasons to upgrade them. The problem is that there will be meta servers, or guides that players use collectively to get their worlds to be optimised. Players will always optimise the fun out of a game.

    Ashes of creation looks okay to me. It's good a niche, and that's good. I hightly doubt upon release it'll have enough content to keep players engaged though. I imagine the quests will be rather generic, like what we've seen from other MMO's, which is fine to have, but it's not going to recreate the genre. When alot of development time goes into the niche, you'll find it lacks other content. It might not release with a raid open, they might say that it'll be a couple of months until the raid, but that could be 6 months. The gear system might not live up to other games standards. I will play this game upon release though, because it looks interesting enough and different enough to look into. However, I doubt it'll dethrone the likes of OSRS, WOW, ESO & FFIXV. But maybe it'll be a fun little sidegame that grows over the years.


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