Ashes of Creation doesn't care…

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The development team for Ashes of Creation really doesn’t care about all the haters…
What do you think about the progress & potential of Ashes of Creation?


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15 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation doesn't care…”

  1. I am more worried about people that over hype ashes even at this stage already, people that over hype a game or go 100% White Knight on it are worse than anything else. Yes if Ashes succeeds It will do the genre good, but ignoring all the things ashes has to accomplish to do so and to have an impact on the genre itself is the biggest mistake you can do.

  2. Yeah, their plentiful and that's OK. Most are upset that Ashes thoughts and remedies to fix the problem hurts their main game, that they have spent countless hours in. New World stole a bunch from Ashes and then rushed it and see where that got them.
    I don't think they can be any more transparent than they are. They haven't scoped creeper at all and continue month after month to keep us interested and show us what their doing.
    But in today's world you can't do anything right without getting crucified by someone or some asshat group.
    I'm looking forward to it and looking forward to help them test it to make it the best it can be. The haters can stay in their own game and keep their credit cards smoking.
    It's my last hope for the genre.

  3. Many worry that their friends will jump games or they themselves must move leaving behind all their work and time they invested. It is better for them so they can stay where they and not feel they have wasted their time and effort.

  4. Haters and negative critics make game better and better month after month … with what help fake coments (Asmosheets) or potato players (ohhh look soo cute stone ) !?!?! If dont trust me try put same question to developers

  5. 100% agree. If someone wants to talk about how the systems intrepid are making won't work or if they have doubts about the team's experience, we can talk about it. However, it feels like a lot of people just want to say "games trash, never releasing" that or "(insert different mmo) will be better, AoC looks like dogshit" it's unreal how weak sauce the mmorpg community is sometimes. Bunch of tribal andies.

  6. Just purely from experience with other MMOs I suspect that the Tulnar and Orcs will NEVER see a metropolis in their style on any server. I also think that tying crafting to freeholds has the potential to become very complicated espeacially because alts share a freehold. As crafting is a part of roleplay the level of alt policing on display feels kinda draconian. as does the notion of only allowing one artisan class per character. I much prefer the Classic WoW two professions system. Every MMO that's tried to diverge from that has failed to do a satisfactory job of replacing it with something workable in my opinion. Also I feel like Freeholds should be tied to servers because otherwise you'll have to stick with the same race no matter what if you don't want to end up as a Pyrai elf in a Dwarven Metropolis. Given Freeholds are tied to Nodes.

  7. I think there's many factors in play here. Just look at any random MMO community in existence, the boards are often flooded with negativity, doom, gloom, etc.

    In part I wouldn't even be surprised if part of this is instigated by people paid to try and negatively impact competing products, simply put because some of the returning names in this who have nothing to share but pure negativity for weeks and weeks, are otherwise just too sad and pathetic to believe anybody would do this voluntarily.

    On the other hand, there's also the counter to this, 100% pure white knighting everything. Irrespective of whether this is for AoC or something else; no, it's not going to be the holy grail, Steven is not the messiah reincarnated, Ashes is not some form of heaven on earth. It's just going to be another MMO. Hopefully on the spectrum of better MMO's out there, but it's not going to be out there in some sort of league on it's own.

    Just like all MMO's of the last decade, it's going to have a rocky start, it's going to have its strengths and weaknesses, and it's not going to live up to all hype that's going to be generated. It too is going to suffer from doom and gloom predictions as initial populations will soar high and drop off, the greater the hype, the bigger the drop. And just like most MMO's, 10 years post launch it'll likely still be there, doing it's thing and somewhere along the lines become remembered as a decent product. Because that's just the way the MMO community rolls.


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