Ashes Of Creation: Dev Update Summary & My Thoughts

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Ashes Of Creation: Dev Update Summary & My Thoughts | New World Vs Ashes of Creation Thoughts
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0:00 Introduction
1:00 Dev Update Summary
6:00 New World vs Ashes of Creation
12:00 What The Community Thinks
13:50 Final Thoughts


7 thoughts on “Ashes Of Creation: Dev Update Summary & My Thoughts”

  1. Personally I am all for another mmo. I do not think it will be for me personally main reason is it seems like it will have forced pvp. I am not a big fan of pvp myself. On another topic Brain love to see your thought on Pantheon sometime. So far I only seen one YouTuber do one and all they could do is drag it through the mud. But to be honest seems this person seems to do that to just about any game.

  2. So this game will have no skill to play. Someone who is a professional competitive player vs an 8 year old will be the same. Who ever puts more hours into the game wins. That’s what it seems. I want to have skillful gameplay.

  3. Ashes is 100% more of an MMORPG than NW is right now. I played 621 hours of NW maxed out every profesion every weapon in the hopes they could actually fix the game and add none cut past and end game content that was not repetive and borring. NW is beautiful but the combat comparied to top end FPS games is junk. Take the new Great sword that was just added. I can basicly face roll everything in NW right now with the great sword. Ashes is being built by an MMORPG player who has a PHD in playing MMORPG games for 15-20 years. No one wants some New never seen before combat system or mind blowing MMORPG that falls flat on its face after release. What we want is a rock sold MMORPG game that takes the best of the best from all the top MMORPGs, adds that to top end cutting edge graphics in an open world bigger than skirm. Ashes is delivering. If you want a FPS game then go play an FPS game. If you want a skill based game then play a game where the gear you have gives you zero competitive edge and is based on solo play and not team play. GW2 is what Ashes looks like with BDO improvements when it come to combat. When Ashes Alpha 1 came out I was sadly reminded of how bad NW missed the mark. Alpha 1 Ashes was more of an MMORPG then NW. Flying mounts, riding mounts, swimming, gliding, mob diversity, epic open world boses that actually looked and fought diffrent. Mini map etc. All I am saying is that Ashes founder Steven looks to be the only game developer that is doing a lot of things MMORPG players actually talk about all the time and trying to make that game. He gets it and it looks like he is delivering on that. Alpha 2 will trully tell us if he has created something special.


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