Ashes of Creation Daily Login Rewards

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In this video we discuss Ashes of Creation daily login rewards. Steven Sharif, Creative Director of Intrepid Studios recently proposed that each day players login to the game they will receive a cosmetic coin, and once you have obtained 30 cosmetic coins you can then spend the Ashes of Creation cosmetic coin on a cosmetic item. We give our individual options on daily login rewards in MMOs in general, and what other types of rewards Ashes of Creation could give their players for logging in each day.

The Ashes of Creation Alpha 1 test phase is currently underway, so stay tuned for more coverage of the Ashes of Creation Alpha!


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—Ashes Of Creation MMORPG Description—

Ashes of Creation takes place within a medieval fantasy setting, blending imagination with cutting-edge graphics. We are putting the word massive back into massively multiplayer with unique and novel mechanics that will bring meaning to player action.

Ashes of Creation will incorporate the best parts of traditional MMORPGs with innovative sandbox concepts.


Ashes of Creation is a unique take on the MMO experience. Our world structure is dynamic and built to react to the actions of our players. Cities will rise and fall, their populations based on the history of the world as the players create it. Quests will unlock as these populations gather, their needs grow, and secrets are unlocked. As the world’s NPC structure is established in real time, players will have the ability to destroy what they’ve created, paving the way for new development, new populations, and real change. Political strife and intrigue will play a very real role in the structure of your world. Gone are the days of static worlds, change is here to stay

Players will have the ability to survey and develop land anywhere in the world. Be a pioneer deep in the wilderness, build the home of your dreams, and work the land to cultivate resources and supplies. Alternatively, stick with civilization and safety in numbers – purchase a home within the confines of a village and watch your investment grow as that village turns into a city. Homeowners in our game will have the ability to develop their plot of land as they see fit. Focus on farming, animal husbandry, or own your very own smithy. You’ll be able to specialize your land to maximize your profits or your comfort, be sure to choose wisely

Questing in our world combines the best elements of traditional MMO’s as well as the introduction of our unique player driven experiences. Ashes of Creation offers area quests, public quests, and quest chains that change dynamically and in real time based on the player’s experiences and choices. Players will have the ability to directly alter world events and change the landscape through their actions, as an individual and as a community. Server quests will allow political rivals to compete for the fate of the world

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6 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Daily Login Rewards”

  1. I think that if a dev wants to reward their player base that already logs in everyday with a daily reward that's fine.

    Along the lines of the thoughts you guys expressed though, daily log in rewards used as an incentive to log in is not a great system and there is kind of a fine line between the two.

    I will never be able to log in to a game every single day and if I force myself to do that, it just becomes a job. That sucks a lot of the fun out wanting to play the game.

    If like you guys stated though, that the reward will still be available later and I can obtain through saving or other means then the system is more designed as reward focused as opposed to incentive focused and I like that better.

  2. GW2 has daily login rewards and I never particularly liked it. I'll take a free item when handed one but it doesn't feel good to me when I did nothing for it. And it doesn't even try to be immersive like you'd expect a competent RPG to be, like having a NPC give me something new each day. No, it's a UI that pops out of nowhere to hand me a free item and it magically materializes in my inventory. It makes the game look like a cheap mobile game that desperately tries to make people associate playing it daily with wellness by giving them a small dopamine boost each login. Which obviously doesn't seem to work on me.

  3. What I want is weekly quests that actually take a 4-7 days to complete and not something that is easy that you just get every week that takes only 2-3 hours if that. In saying that. That could be the replacement for log in rewards. You get the "log in rewards" from completing the quest over the week and at the end you'd get the big weekly reward. That way there are great rewards every week and you don't need to log in everyday. You just need to complete the quest by the end of the week. The coins is also a good idea as long as they don't have items that require coins that equal to 30 days worth.

  4. I like this system. Seems like a nice balance as a Loyalty System, without the nagging/baiting push to force you to log in.

    It’s more of a passive way to get new cosmetics after naturally playing the game for a while.

  5. I'm totally hearing all you are saying and I think perhaps weekly bounties/quests are much less cheeky (and more immersive) than daily rewards. I suppose this cosmetic coin business is not bad, but I don't like it when a videogame turns into a job I have to worry about punching into every day.


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