Ashes of Creation – Creative Director's Letter(Alpha 1 Pack Sale, NDA Lift etc) MMORPG 2021

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Ashes of Creation development is ramping up big time, with new hires and new deadlines. This creative letter penned by the main man himself, Steven Shariff, gives us updates on the studio, development and the future. Clarifies reasons for the recent Alpha One delay, talks about opening pack sales in May, siege mechanics testing coming soon with large player number battles and much more.

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0:00 intro
0:27 NDA, Delays, June Alpha One
2:48 Studio Update- Moving to new studio June 15th
3:22 New Employees, target employee numbers
4:25 Development Update: Why did they delay? Is it fixed?
5:53 Unreal Engine upgrade
6:07 Stress test with thousands of npcs/players
6:42 Sieges coming to Alpha one? Large scale battle testing
8:05 Alpha One pack sales
10:28 Thank you to community
11:10 Outro


38 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation – Creative Director's Letter(Alpha 1 Pack Sale, NDA Lift etc) MMORPG 2021”

  1. "Severely helps out" is kind of a contradictory statement as severely is commonly related to things of bad nature. Immensely or truly helps out is a better way of saying it! Sorry for being pedantic lol

  2. while that fireball jumping cast animation is cool, i think it will grow old very fast if that spell is cast over and over. maybe they should do a more traditional cast animation with this flashy one being waved in once in a while or after 3 consecutive casts of fireball.

  3. Asmongold said he's going to watch the video 😀
    About ashes of creation i'm sure it's not gonna be what we expect. They only showed one or two areas so far, some buggy mmo standard boring quests and some meh combat 😛

  4. not sure on the appeal of this game, I'm a 37 yr old gamer and have played all MMO's, the only thing I can think is that its basic gameplay is an effort to appeal to older veteran mmo players? New mmos like FFXIV and WoW have advanced monster fights and dps rotations.

  5. I'm no computer science professional but when they talk about huge performance optimizations that are not implemented that is a giant red flag. I am convinced you can't do that. Performance has to be built in from the beginning. Even if i'm wrong and it is possible it's still a giant red flag because they don't seem to care about performance. But it's probably just bad code that they're trying to explain away.

  6. Great video, glad to see there are still unbiased people with their head on straight. No, on to the real comment – is there an full version of the music you play in the outro. It's a really good piece.

  7. So now people will buy the right to work for them, not for free, they are actually paying to be testers, $500? Well if they find suckers willing to do it… the erosion of critical thinking in the public never ceases to amaze me.


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