Ashes of Creation – Creative Director Letter Review [Jan 2021]

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Intrepid Studios has released the Creative Director’s Letter updating the progress on Ashes of Creation to kick off 2021. Lots of good news in this letter, including the future of Alpha 1 Testing, Alpha 1 Sales, and the new Ashes of Creation website. Let’s take a minute to do a creative director letter review and break out all the finer details.

We know Alpha 1 testing will resume on 19 February. We also know that an update on Alpha 1 sales will be coming in February, so it makes sense that this will occur after the testing session. The website update is also coming in February, so it looks like the first 60 days of 2021 are going to be fully loaded and work stacked for the team. They are also looking to onboard 30 more people early in 2021. If you work in the gaming industry, you might want to check out and see if there is a job posting which matches up with your skillsets.

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18 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation – Creative Director Letter Review [Jan 2021]”

  1. I'm really happy that you, and Intrepid keep pointing out that this is a real dev Alpha. Though I'm sure there stiil will be plenty of ppl that buy it and be surprised that they actually signed up for testing it not playing.
    I think they did really well throughout the 2020 craziness. Hope 2021 won't be a repeat.

  2. Honestly can not be stressed enough that this is a true alpha test but you know that there will be people who will jump in with no clue and then complain when its not what they expected. Personally I am fine with alpha 1 being opened up to more people, it will get more eyes on the game to help stress the servers and kill those bugs, its a win win IMO.

  3. Things like Alpha1 sales are why people should follow at least a couple general mmo channels or sites. If it wasnt for following people like Deaths Proxy (miss that guy) and Lazy Peon I would have been one of those who missed out.

  4. Looking at it objectively, I think the first round of Alpha One should not be opened until the second or third round of testing. You have people who have paid and waited to get in and for now give them first dibs on being there with streamers who can advertise the game.

    Once you have given the early bird special testing mechanics animations classes and a stress test with the people you do have. Make it a open topic for the Alpha One testers on how they want to move forward. The three options I see;

    1. Filter in people from Alpha Two-Beta access in a rotating Raffle so people invested have the chance to play the game for a round of Alpha One? This assumes only people who buy Alpha-2 through Beta are on this list.

    2. Open Rotation, purely random number of accounts are activated for a time. Regardless of how much is spent if any on the game already.

    3. Invitation, Active Alpha Ones get a set number of keys to invite players with.

    I know each has its issues and is not the best solution, option one makes it so 'Whales' get in. Option two angers said 'Whales' for being overlooked while others get in. Then the third option opens up a Toxic gate that can spiral out of hand where only friends are invited so most of the people testing will be people with an incentive desire to play the game or bought their way in.

    Its a slippery slope all I know is it will have to be opened for more accurate testing, however they do it is going to step on* someones toes. I just hope Ashes keeps to its Moto of not listening to the snowflakes who get booty tickled about this stuff.

    Getting in first is great and all but I'm content to wait for Alpha two and even Beta. I expect that to be six months to a year and a half from now if not longer.

  5. Fck! That Crown Royal ship cosmetic and armor set are pretty unique, I don't know if i'll be able to hold back from buying yet more cosmetics. Dear god save my wallet.


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