Ashes of Creation Crash Course – The World of Verra

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The Ashes 101 / Ashes Crash Course series is a catch up series for people who are new to the Ashes of Creation community or for people who have been gone for a while. The purpose of the World of Verra crash course is to introduce people to the terms: Verra, Node, Zone of Influence, Divine Gate, Starter Camp, Underrealm, Coastal Waters, International Waters, and Sanctus. This is also meant to introduce people to the new world map, the new world map sizes, and the changes to some of the Node Information.

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The World of Verra Article:
Ashes Nodes:
Ashes Flagging States:
International Waters:

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00:00 – Video Start
00:30 – World Map Size Discussion
01:00 – Divine Gates and Starting Camps
02:33 – Nodes
03:35 – Zones of Influence
04:14 – Vassal Node Breakdown
04:38 – Castles
05:13 – Underrealm
06:09 – Coastal and International Waters
07:01 – Outro


10 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Crash Course – The World of Verra”

  1. Good overview. I think I might post in the forums suggesting sites for maritime ports and shipyards since I come from a maritime background. I also think nautical aids should start to appear at certain land points as nodes close to water develop. These can take the form of light houses or perhaps huge looming statues based off the primary race of the node that have burning braziers. These can be seen from far away in the open ocean and would give a rough estimation of how far your ship is from geographical points. In the case of maritime ports it could also signal how far you are from the safety of a port. Other things they might implement are ice flows during the winter season that block shipping traffic and fog near coastal swamps or jungles. Fog can make visibility difficulty and can conceal environmental hazards or pirate ships. Pirates may take advantage of areas where visibility is known to often be obstructed. In coastal areas near volcanic regions the visibility might be hampered by ash and haze instead of fog.

  2. Nice clean video, well done sticking on topic =-) I would like to know more about the static castles and the part they play in the game. That would make a great video. Are they like relic keeps on DAoC? Or something else?

  3. So you are saying that the Zone of Influence of a Node is the combined Territories of that Node's Vassal network?

    I find Intrepid too often uses imprecise language. For example, they use the word Player to refer to a Player Character.


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