Ashes of Creation Crash Course – Nodes What they are & How they Function

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The Ashes 101 / Ashes Crash Course series is a catch up series for people who are new to the Ashes of Creation community or for people who have been gone for a while. The purpose of the Nodes crash course is to introduce people Nodes, what they are, how they function, the four different types of nodes, the seven different stages of nodes, and how the Node System makes Ashes of Creation different from other games. The Vassal System, Buffer Zones, are introduced in this video but will be the subject of future in-depth videos.

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Ashes Nodes:
Ashes of Creation Node Sieges:
Ashes of Creation Node Wars:
Ashes of Creation Vassal System:

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Time Stamps
00:00 – Video Start
00:14 – What Are Nodes?
01:10 – Ashes Isn’t New World
01:27 – Four Node Types
02:05 – How is the Node System different from other games?
02:52 – Ashes at Start
03:17 – 7 Stages of Nodes
04:02 – How do Nodes Grow?
04:58 – Node Locations and Restrictions
05:44 – Visual Guides on Node Growth and Vassalization
06:41 – Nodes Stage 0-2 are Territories
07:34 – What determines Node Appearence
08:20 – Nodes and Other Content
09:01 – World Bosses and Nodes


15 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Crash Course – Nodes What they are & How they Function”

  1. Glad you clearly mentioned that guilds do not control nodes. I've heard a lot of folks trying to squeeze in some "…but if a guild moves into the area they could control the node and vote for a mayor" kind of talk, but no matter how much you want it, facts are facts.

  2. I think the 'highest contributor race determines aesthetic' thing is a poor idea and will lead to a disjointed and almost 'unreliable'-feeling world, as (for instance) when your home node advances, which should be a GOOD thing, an in-node house can turn completely different and maybe all your interior decor doesn't even look good with the structure any more.
    I think that the contribution mechanic should only apply for advancing from Wilderness to an Expedition, and then the aesthetic should be locked in unless the node gets vassalized (in which case it should take on the parent node's aesthetic either immediately or next time its level changes) or if it de-levels back to empty Wilderness.

  3. 👍Just what I needed 👍 Tx a lot… I have to see your website to see if you have touched on power balancing to prevent despots, tyranny, zerging and such (those just kill the fun for PvE and PvP)

  4. I think that there being "twenty buffer nodes" is an informal way of saying that if all five Metropolitan Vassal Networks are maximized at 13 Nodes each, mathematically, there must be 20 Nodes left over.

    In theory, you could have a map where every Node is part of some Vassal Network.

    So "buffer nodes" are not a thing, but the system is designed so that there is always a "buffer" of at least twenty nodes that are not part of a Metropolitan Vassal Network.

  5. At the time of the games launch, can any race spawn at any divine gate? I was wondering because initially players will most likely be doing content on the continent they spawn on as traveling across the ocean will take a while.

  6. Very clear and so far I like the system. Also I like how every node has level 1 content and up. Gives every player a lot of freedom and also makes leveling up a new character a new experience every time.


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