Ashes of Creation Crash Course – Nodes Stage 3

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The Ashes 101 / Ashes Crash Course series is a catch up series for people who are new to the Ashes of Creation community or for people who have been gone for a while. The purpose of the Nodes crash course is to introduce people to Stage 3 Nodes, including a quick overview of the player run governments, some of the powers the mayors will have including the ability to build specific buildings, some basic overview on taxes, the PVP systems that come online at Stage 3, as well as a brief introduction to the housing system.

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00:00 – Video Start
00:30 – Systems that Come Online at Stage 3
00:40 – Player Run Government
01:32 – Powers of the Government
02:13 – Mayor Chosen Buildings
03:30 – Taxes
03:51 – PVP Offense
05:09 – PVP Defense
06:05 – Housing


16 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Crash Course – Nodes Stage 3”

  1. The idea that Divine nodes gives buffs to citizens meanwhile crafters wants to live in a scientific node is fantastic. Your entire guild should be spread out. Need a healer? Go to the Vatican and rent a cleric.
    Need a tank? Go to Sibir where only the roughest barbarians and warriors live. Your family and your freehold could be out in a Economic node; your money, your investment, is in the freehold and cottages.

    Node is more important than your guild, because family > colleagues. [Syndicates is a more fitting name for what function a guild has in AOC Guilds should be like workers unions.]

  2. I feel like there's a problematic imbalance between the node types because of the different mayoral selection processes. In the Scientific node the selection process (democratic vote) ensures with high probability that someone who has an interest in acting as a competent mayor gets elected. For the military node this isn't the case. You could have some rando who' really good at pvp becoming mayor so that he can get the flying mount, even though he has no interest in carrying out the job of being mayor. He may even be happy to see the node burn and could even be implanted from the outside to ensure that happens. The problem here is that players will only want to invest their time in nodes that are stable and well managed so that they don't lose their investment at the hands of an incompetent mayor, and scientific nodes will be preferred over military or divine nodes for just that simple reason.

    I think this could be fixed by adjusting the selection processes to lower the likelihood of an incompetent mayor. In the military node, for example, you could have a traditional pvp tournament or arena with your actual characters (as was originally the plan), but you allow for teams of 8 people instead of individual entries into the tournament/arena. Each team could fight on behalf of a mayoral nominee (which may be one of the members of their team, but not necessarily). This way the winning mayor has some accountability. If for example, a team wins and puts a mayor in place who ends up sucking, they won't fight for him next time and they'll just nominate someone else they think is better, so there's an element of social accountability. Ultimately I feel like some social accountability element needs to be a part of each node type's process.

  3. Interesting question I think: Is there more or less housing space than players on a server?
    The difference between the two is substantial in the way it's likely to shape player mentality, corresponding to the magnitude.
    If there's more, players will to some extent shop around and ask some questions and they will be a commodity. It might keep leadership and ambition honest to some extent, but it might also be a little flaky and pedestrian.
    If there's less, they will scramble to get a spot no matter the premise and be needy push overs. The whole dynamic will be handed to the power block leader narcissist types on the internet, and toxicity and exploitation will likely run rampant. If it sticks, it will become the face of Ashes, like it did in EG EvE.

  4. Do you think a group, be it a node's city, allied diplomats, or a guild, can theoretically "conquer" an area, of land and its inhabited nodes?

    I'm looking to play in the desert biome because that whole-ass gulf is prime real estate. PRIME. And I wanna make sure that entire gulf is a secured and not-fractured territory.

  5. The last question is an interesting one. Don't know if I would like to fight my comrades from my guild against my will. It is an interesting mecanic thought to be able to. Maybe bringing choice in regards to that and choosing not to fight could be an option but obviously at some penalty. I don't really know.

  6. I wonder if any part of node wars could assist in getting a Siege scroll. Say someone attacking a Node building as part of a war could help get a component that normally requires a different quest.

  7. For the guild v node citizenship allegiance question, I hope that it defaults to node citizenship is higher so guildies can fight each other in node wars, but I would like there to be a guild perk so that members of that guild will not be able to fight each other but can still participate against other combatants in the war. I am concerned this could be exploited in some way though.

  8. You said 'citizenship is your highest all..'. I wonder about your opinion about win-trade when nodes are at war and guild members belong to different nodes? How will you prevent passive PvP or masked win trade or infiltration in citizenship to 'lose a war'. Just wondering… I start to like your videos very much, I was already a fan of the game 🙂


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