Ashes of Creation: Crafting Complete Overview

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Only joking, useful information from this point I’m afraid! Because you care enough to even click this far into the details of this video, it really means the world to me! Thank you x

First things first, all the content spoken about in this video is information found on the AoC wiki and during livestreams over the last few years!
Everything is Subject to change 🙂
I try my best to tell you guys when I’m speculating and when it’s actual facts and I’m very sorry if anything confused you! I love speculating and throwing in ideas of my own to help improve the game! Please feel free to ask in the comments if anything I said confused you!

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00:00 Intro
01:37 What is Crafting?
02:38 Crafting Stations
05:25 Crafting Mechanics
07:27 Specifics: Black Smithing
08:14 Specifics: Carpentry
08:52 Specifics: Jewelcrafting
09:17 Specifics: Cooking
09:58 Specifics: Alchemy
10:50 Scribing
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23 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: Crafting Complete Overview”

  1. Again a good video and an awesome intro man. I cant wait for the personalised videos. Crafting is really gonna be fun. I personally am interested in alchemy, scribing, weapon crafting.

  2. Got me really thinking deeply about crafting.
    I forgot what day it was and started freaking out.
    Also you got me when you didn't have "No Shit" >_<

    I'm hoping that crafting stations are not something they add to player houses unless a player specializes the entire house for that craft. In the real world they would not allow a wood worker and smith to work in the same house because the saw dust would just start a giant fire.

    And cooking would have saw dust in your cake.

    Raising beavers in a wood working house would be great for the lil guys, but horrible for people sitting down in chewed up furniture!

  3. Just so you know, Albion online has craft station tiers, as well as having the lower tier gathering materials necessary for the higher levels. I.E. you need 3 t4 refined mats and 1 raw t5 mat to make a t5 refined mat.

  4. top notch intro as always, this never gets all. Crafting is a very special thing, It never is my favorite part, I do like to see a good crafter get exited because he found something he needs

  5. Narc, calling out the weebs again. I feel attacked lol just kidding. Epic intro. And I really think more mmo players need to speak out about making crafting an experience… otherwise you’ll have tons of gatherers and a few crafters.

  6. Well it's good to know a little bit about the crafting systems or at least get an idea for them. I'm sure they want to do mass production methods, for most stuff as I'm sure epic and legendary could be an exception, as that gives more of a reason to have the caravan system for transporting mass amounts of goods to be processed.

    Mass production does not always equate boring depending on how difficult it is to procure materials. In Project Gorgon most final production/crafting methods are pretty fast; however, obtaining the materials can be quite lengthy. For example, producing enough cloth for maxing Tailoring requires metric tons of cotton produced from Farming (not to mention the fertilizer you need mats to produce) that you'll be spending hours on and the magic gear requires gems acquired from Surveying, which requires you to run around an entire region to collect.

    There's also a limited supply for some things as things like wood or fish gathering nodes are limited. For Fishing though I've mentioned Ice Fishing which allows you to setup a contraption in one of the snowy regions that you can come back to later and gather from.

    I'm glad to hear about the Brewing as a Cooking subskill as that does give me hope that the crafting systems will have a bit of depth to them. I do wonder though how important Cooking is in AOC. In Project Gorgon it's actually THE most important skill as you really can't get by without it. If you haven't eaten you get a Starving de-buff that makes your out-of-combat health and mana regen extremely slow and in combat it's almost nil. Better food gives better in and out of combat regen and other buffs as well.

    Alchemy is an interesting one. In a lot of MMOs, looking at WoW as a primary example, most of the products produced aren't useful and you'll never have a reason to use them or sell them and are merely fodder for you to level up and get to the end-game products. In Project Gorgon it's basically the opposite where there are systems that make all potions useful to some extent even if you're not going to use them yourself. For example, the very first level 1 potion is useful as you need to produce about 300 of them (it's a lot of mats) in order to complete a particular guild quest. Ya, there's guild quests that require you to produce stuff not just kill stuff.

    It's a very sad quest as you're making Pick-Me-Up Potions so this one NPC won't kill himself from the depression of his wife being dead.

    Then there's NPCs you can gift unwanted potions to for reputation or sell them to and selling types of items, such as potions, to the vendors that will buy them is one of the main ways you gain money in the early and mid game.

    As for using some of the potions you'll want to use yourself you'll always want to be making running potions so you can get around a lot faster. Then of course there's the resistance and buff potions. The resistance potions are super necessary to not be one-shot in certain dungeons and you'll find pretty much any buff potion has at least a niche use. There's even potions that give you an extra action bar how crazy is that.

    The potion launcher kind of reminds me of one of the epic combat skills in PG that being Battle Chemistry. You need 50 Alchemy to unlock it. Basically a hybrid skill that can heal, buff, de-buff and deal damage and has a golem combat pet that you actually program with different conditions and skills. While I've never played FF11 and its Puppetmaster it does remind me of it but it's probably not as sophisticated.

    In PG there are no classes but you can mix and match any two combat skills.

    Although I don't think we would get a Battle Chemist class in AOC unless or until we would get a Tinker archetype with Battle Chemist as one of the classes within that.

    Still, the idea of a potion launcher would be a cool weapon in and of itself but I would forgive AOC if they wanted to limit something like that to only a future archetype like a Tinker as they already have enough stuff to get ready for full release as it is.

    P.S. Forgive me if this was a lengthy essay but you covered a lot of stuff if only tangentially in this video and I only covered two main points.

  7. I like the system where you craft a lot of a few things, instead of crafting a few of a lot of things. Let's you specialize into a specific category and then make superior qualities of that item. I also enjoy the aspect of supply chain management, working together with a group to gather enough materials to craft 1000 swords, which let's you make a +5 sword.

  8. Your comparisons of what AoC can be similar in aspects is interesting, even tho you always brings up BDO/WoW which you seems to be very knowledgeble about, but i believe you lack knowledge of Archeage, which alot of Steven inspirations comes from.


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