Ashes of Creation: Complete Alpha One Guide

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What up boiz, I need to keep this short ’cause I need who whole 5000 characters for this section to link my videos so, why am I even wasting space writing this… Anyway… This Video is intended to bring people up to speed as to what Ashes of Creation is as a whole in it’s Pre-Alpha state.

If you want any of your friends to get into Ashes of Creation, I highly recommend you share this video with them to bring them up to speed between now and the Alpha Two which is coming… god knows when.

Now for the links:

Open World Complete Detailed Series:

Group Content Complete Detailed Series:

Races Complete Detailed Series:

Classes Complete Detailed Series:

Ashes Lore Season One (Before The Fall):

Combat Complete Detailed Series:

Guilds Complete Detailed Series:

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32 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: Complete Alpha One Guide”

  1. Spread this video around with your friends guys! If any of my videos would help people understand Ashes of Creation, It's definitely this one! Get your friends involved <3
    All your likes, comments and encouraging words over the last few days have been absolutely amazing x Thank you so much x

  2. Well presented with excellent professional production qualities. The amount of work you put into your videos is truly a joy to behold and your passion for the topic is clear for your audience. I have every confidence your channel will grow and you will be a mainstream content creator for AOC as we get closer to a fully functioning release. You have our full support all the way so keep doing what you're doing.

  3. Gratz on breaking 3k Subscribers Narc
    Your growing faster and faster.

    Really looking forward to see if the CC program works out for everyone involved.

  4. Damn I'm dying to see bard and rogue as also the system for the second classes and how it will work (how it will change the first that u choose, they've already said the first class u cant change, wanna see how it turns out).

  5. as a follower of your videos, im proud that you were able to reach this stage Narc. keep doin what you've been doing since the beginning. much love man

  6. Sounds like it's going to be several years before it's in a state to compete with BDO, WoW, ESO, FFXIV, etc. I hope they don't rush it out and ruin their first impressions.

  7. I bet that this guy will blow up when Ashes of Creation officially launch. He got the comedy, info, and entertainment. I just can't see how this just won't be one of the big guide channels we can find in the future


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