Ashes of Creation Combat Update | Getting into the Details

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Ashes of Creation Combat Update | Getting into the Details

We got the combat update this month, and while limited in scope it overall continued the strong momentum Intrepid has going this year with very solid updates. I get into the weeds a bit and nerd out on some minutia in terms of the combat we saw. Even some DPS calculations lol!

I hope you enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Combat Update | Getting into the Details”

  1. After rewatching the combat video a few times, I am convinced I will suck at PvP. Between Pets, Ranged, or Heavy Weapons, I might be good enough at PvE to enjoy the rest of the game.

    The pace of combat demonstrated reinforces my decision to back another project, as combat there will be far more accessible to me personally.

    I predict the intended player base of Ashes of Creation is going to have a damn fine game. Just not sure I will be able to tag along.

  2. The one question I have that I just thought about so it is not in the video. They stayed in TAB the whole time, how does melee combat work in TAB mode? Is it the same or are there differences, like attacks moving towards your TAB target? In Alpha 1 there was basically no difference between TAB and action for melee combat. I assume it is still the same, but I would have liked to have seen him switch the TAB camera on to see how it operates. Again…great update overall but it is very important to remember that this is only 5-10% of combat. There is so much more yet to be revealed, and I still question how the TAB/Action Hybrid is going to work.


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