Ashes of Creation Combat Comparison

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So a friend of mine (thanks Diura) thought it would be a fun idea to show a bunch of combat footage from the beginning to the end so I put a little something together to show how the game has evolved a little bit at a time. It looks much better than when it started out but I believe that it still has a little ways to go so we will have to see how Alpha 2 goes!

To quote Steven, the creator of the game: “ We are still approaching combat from a hybrid design perspective. We focused on the ‘look and feel’ of the basic attacks, because historically the feedback has been critical of the look and feel of combat. The systems and mechanics around targeting continue to live in both a tab target and action targeting approach. More on those mechanics will be showcased in the future.”

All the footage has come from the official Ashes of Creation page:

Also if you are new to Ashes there is a wiki page that has a lot of information on it at and if you haven’t made an account yet and want to help me out please click on this referral link that’s free for you to use:

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  1. What a huge difference ^^
    Really nice to see the progress Intrepid has made~ Just imagine in another few years … just going to get better and better!


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