Ashes of Creation Checkmate TBC classic [Alpha One Delayed Again]

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Today we’re looking at Intrepid Recent announcement Delaying the Alpha one again to combat some issues related with the backof of their coding, but primarily to avoid the situation involving their game lining up with other releases that have maliciously targetted at Ashes of Creation’s Alpha Release

The Alpha One Complete Guide is in the discord some way back in the feed, gl finding it!

I’ll sort all the rest of this stuff out after a nap

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30 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Checkmate TBC classic [Alpha One Delayed Again]”

  1. "We heard your feedback loud and clear and agree that more time is needed to prepare for the exciting re-release of the Burning Crusade classic. To accommodate this, we will be delaying the release to July 9th to give you ample time to level your characters. We value our players feedback, it helps us make TBC better. See you at the Dark Portal." -Activision, probably.

  2. Sooo this confirms it. Blizzard was targetting ESO's chapter release, not Ashes. So much afraid of losing casual players jumping ship pfft. They wouldn't put schedule on something uncertain, as that alpha is. Blizzard is too long in buissness to care for alpha of game, which caters to hardcores not casuals. WoW hardcores are more willing to stay in WoW no matter what. Blizzard targetted few times ESO's releases in past. ESO release is scheduled and certain.
    I just wonder when Blizzard will get it's senses back, I am not sure with current issues ESO really needs another waves of WoW refugees.

  3. Dude……blizzard is really afraid of ashes of creation….they know most of their player base is gonna shift to ashes. They are desperate to hold on to their player base. XD.
    But the extended dates also kinda hurts….got to wait a lot now to see some content.

  4. Is it really possible for a massive company like Blizzard to notice a small company like intrepid? If so, would they go out if their way to hinder a game still in Alpha? Cause if so that's a whole new level of petty.

  5. Narc everything you said in this video is spot on. You are wise beyond your years.

    I read Stevens statement very carefully and Intrepid have outmanoeuvred their competitors and left them standing in the dust. Well played Intrepid – well played.

    PS. even though you skipped my name in the end credits twice in a row I still support your content 😂😂😂

  6. Still loving your work. As a guy with too much going on to follow the process of AOC and the mmo scene in general I really appreciate the inputs and summaries you provide. Keep up the wonderful work.


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