Ashes of Creation | Can a PVP MMO Thrive?

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Can a PVP Focused MMO Thrive? | Ashes of Creation

PVP MMO’s have failed at a higher rate than PVE MMOs in the last 20 years. I thought I would take a quick look at why that has been the case, and whether Ashes addresses these issues.

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19 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation | Can a PVP MMO Thrive?”

  1. In the next few videos I am going to be trying some different things. Especially on the audio side. I will be trying to do a bit less scripting as well. The perpetual search to find the "best combination" that works for me on YouTube continues! Let me know if you see improvements, or what you think I can further improve on. Thanks!

  2. I don't enjoy PvP, but I am so impressed by the ambition, scope, and design of Ashes of Creation, that I am willing to risk it as the price of admission.

    The two most compelling design decisions are first, the evolving system of Nodes, and second, the centrality of crafting.

    The best gear is crafted, and materials are the primary form of loot, whether PvP or PvX. Crafters are required to get value from loot.

  3. im concerned as i guess alot are if the apparently harsh PKing penaltys or Corruption status they talked about,will prevent the ganking from becoming to bad
    then theres the bounty hunter quests and system that will help also, but the penaltys for a ganker to attack a non combatant aka green player even if theyre similar levels needs to be very big,

    and as they said alrdy ganking low lvl players as a high lvl player will result in very big penaltys faster,

    i hope they make it very of putting to gank in this game, i was hoping there would be zones with no pvp but seems like it wont ? except maybe starting area,
    still think the game should be mostly open world pvp with a good ganking penalty system, but some safe zones maybe :/

  4. Well for the guild I’m in I know we are going to use our pvp groups to steam roll other players in a farming area so our pve groups can farm with no competition. Like say a pve group is already in a dungeon our pvp group will kill everyone in it then guard the entrance to let our pve players farm in peace.

  5. Honestly my problems with Open PvP seem to come from things in human/player psychology like the Great Internet F**kwad theory and logistic things like First Strike advantage. And I am not sure if there is a satisfying solution.

    I do have a positive Open PvP memory from BDO when a warrior tried to PK my wizard the level 30 range and we just could not kill each other, so I had to type in my guild chat to ask for help while still fighting them. But that feels like the exception, not the norm.

    The Open PvP chart for AoC that I have seen worries me some. Because while you do have less of a penalty if you die when you fight back (which would be most people's natural reaction anyway) the ganker also now gets off scot free if they kill you (which they are likely to do because they got the first hit). This does not seam just, a murderer does not get to escape their sentence just because their victim fought back. On top of that, the defendant is now forced into the state of being open to being attacked by anyone that feels like it, just for trying to not die. A potential abuse that still exists is if the ganker had buddies waiting around for if someone miraculously survived their surprise attack or that swoop in to kill the defendant as soon as their PvP flag changes.

  6. I look forward to seeing you try different video structures!

    I'm a true PvX player~ love a bit of both worlds. I can't wait to test the balance in A2.
    I'm so grateful that we have open development <- I think this point could be added to the list. Feedback from actual players during the development will make a huge difference imo!

  7. in the last 20 years all MMO's have failed doesn't matter if its PvP or PvE. If the game is bad, it's bad. A prime example, FF14, when it first came out it was absolute dogsht, they had to literally close the game to remake it. Now it's good

  8. All I can hope far is the tuning of the PvP. It can go from a free for all to limited number of server wide pvp. If they can find the balance (for me that will be painful) they can limit many of the non-important pvp conflicts while leaving room for the rare occasion works for me.


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