Ashes of Creation: Bounty Hunters Overview and Comparison

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First things first, all the content spoken about in this video is information found on the AoC wiki and during livestreams over the last few years!
Everything is Subject to change 🙂
I try my best to tell you guys when I’m speculating and when it’s actual facts and I’m very sorry if anything confused you! I love speculating and throwing in ideas of my own to help improve the game! Please feel free to ask in the comments if anything I said confused you!

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00:00 Intro
01:28 What are Bounty Hunters?
02:51 Pathfinding
04:24 Factions
05:38 Locating your Bounty
08:05 Consequences
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21 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: Bounty Hunters Overview and Comparison”

  1. I wonder if you will be able to use any weapon for a certain archetype like if rogues could use greatswords or polearms, or will it be locked like most games where rogues can only use daggers.

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    Narc: “Check out this graph :)”

  3. Having the ability to level up Bounty Hunter is a great idea. You could have server-wide name recognition as a bad ass bounty hunter. I used to play Star Wars Galaxies, and in that game Bounty Hunters could track and kill Jedi. Jedi were extremely difficult to kill, because they were an OP profession that took like a year of grinding to attain. However, there were several Bounty Hunters that were notorious for being really good, and Jedi would fear them if they ever came around. I remember being in Mos Eisley cantina with Jedi, and a notorious Bounty Hunter would come into the cantina and all the Jedi would freak, fearing he was about to take one of them out.

  4. Do you think that – for example- I kill someone in one city, manage to travel SUPER FAR away, that I would be recognised in another city? Or is it more like that I could escape my crimes and subsequently be hunted by a bounty hunter eventually, who would have to justify him killing me to the officials of said town i chose for my escape?

    p.s. keep up the vids my dude xoxo


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