Ashes of Creation – BEST Combat Update Yet!

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Today we got a glimpse of the ranger archetype in the upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation. Ranged combat seems to be coming along nicely as well as the world itself. We got explanations about the skill trees, action and tab target combat, and some new abilities. Intrepid Studios has been killing the updates this year. I wonder what’s next!

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9 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation – BEST Combat Update Yet!”

  1. I really liked it (both your video and theirs) but I really wish they'd give us a video about how the game will look on a low-end to mid range system. Most gamers still use a 1060 and cant really afford to run the game at 4k or even at high graphics.

  2. Gunna be tough to top how freakin saweet the Air Strike skill looks and feels for the other archetypes. They just set the bar very high right out the gate 🙂

  3. I find it confusing on why you state one type of combat requires more skill than another type. need superiority validation or something?? By what measuring tool do you use – I am most curious. I believe both (and I enjoy both methods), require skill, yet quite different skills – one is more twitch oriented – other more cerebral but neither requires more skill than the other overall. Just my feedback.

  4. I don't think Steven was the right person to ask why action combat or at least this form of action combat that was shown had benefits over tab combat. Since Steven seems to be more of a tab target guy. The benefit of this form of action combat will be seen in PVP more. While tab will benefit mor in pve where the monsters are more so stationary. The fight with the menitar showed that to an extent. The combat there was a little slow and the mobs weren't fully utilizing the shield and other form of movement. Imagine trying to hit another player(especially a good pvp player) while they are dodging, ducking, dipping, diving, and possibly teleporting. The action combat that was shown which can b blindfire/shot withhout a target can be used to shoot where someone is going not where they are. Unlike what we saw in the video with the mobs, other players will actively be trying to dodge your shots. Remember Steven said bows will not be hitscan( when the travel time is zero, so if the aiming reticule is over a pilot's head and you pull the trigger, it's a headshot) instead they are projectile based(which means there will be travel time, so you'll need to lead moving targets). This means you could be missing shot if you try to tab target good pvp players. Now all of what I said is subject to gamplay but from what we saw and what Steven said in the Q&A part tab could very wll be good for pve and their form of action will be more for PVP. That in combination with how long it takes to target with tab target versus action combat. Tab will also be good for open word boss, to keep watch for 3rd party players going after your kill. I just don't know if you will want to be in tab while multiple players are coming after you. That will consume a lot of time in moments where seconds matter.

  5. NGL I clicked out of the stream and I was done with AoC as soon as saw the mouse cursor on the screen saw that it was Tab combat 😂 but later on during the day when I talked to my friend he told told me that you could actually switch to Action mode so I went back to watch the whole stream, it was pretty cool. looking forward to maining a QT 3.14 Elf Archer


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