Ashes of Creation August Dev Update Reaction(ish) 2021

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This isn’t my typical watch and react. To be honest, there wasn’t much in this months video to really give a lot of reaction to, especially anything new. So I’ve summed up the bits that I noticed and had a reaction to, rather than make you sit through a 90 minute video of me saying not much of anything and just nodding my head and saying “oh that looks nice” we know the game looks nice.

I didn’t expect there to be much to really talk about post Alpha 1. They have a lot of info to go through before they can really say much. It’s definately worth watching the full video, but I am not going to re-post it here with little commentary on my part. I’d rather their channel got the views for that. I’d say this is loosely a coles notes version. The video was so lack in stuff I could legit react to, I didn’t even get the right one up to click through in this one.


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