ashes of Creation April dev update in a nutshell

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Intrepid Studios released their April Dev Update for Ashes of Creation today and here is a summary of it. they went over combat (they didn’t show anything though) crafting, and the event system and a little bit of naval combat

00:00 intro
00:32 achievement unlocks for Character Customization
01:18 new Hiring’s
02:21 combat system
04:13 crafting system
05:09 event system
08:39 simp
08:51 Environment
09:08 Q and A/ naval combat
10:01 outro final takeaways


3 thoughts on “ashes of Creation April dev update in a nutshell”

  1. The event is what also excites me too. I don't know if you watch anime but it reminds me of log horizon in that way where they had world events in game that had to be taken care of and the players ignored it and because of that the even went from a small thing to this massive problem.

    My hope is that I'd want the event to go from (lets use the example they gave) a goblin raid. If the goblins successfully attack a node then their army size will double and they will also gain hobgoblins (a bigger stronger goblin) maybe some mage goblins or wolf riding goblins, ya know something to give them more of an advantage. If they get left alone then maybe they grow again and they bring like a goblin queen which has almost equivalent strength of a world boss and she's attacking with her army or mixed goblins.

    I would like to see the system progress like that, I think it'd be super cool, and unique, and it would incentivis the player base to make sure to keep world events like that in check

  2. Besides the world events, idk how much research you've done but back before Steven said he wanted to have something called "monster coin events."

    Basically it's suppose to be where monsters attack a node but players will get a coin either from the store (i could be wrong about being able to buy them) or from grinding, and people could use those coins to transform into a monster and attack the town as a monster, or defend it as your character. I believe if you succeed on the attack for the monsters you get cosmetic pieces of the monster you attacked the town as

    I don't know if the world events announced today are the first iteration or the monster coin events will be it's own separate event, but seeing as how Steven still wants monster attack events, this refuels my want to hear some updates on the monster coin event still being a thing, if it's a separate event, or if it'll somehow coincide with the world events announced today


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